Ruby Ranch: A Motorcycle for “El Chele”

24420124_1507159835.8878Henry is the foreman at Ruby Ranch.  He is a great guy and certainly cut right out of a John Wayne movie.  He weilds a machete, can hammer nails with his hand, builds gates out of trees…and he is a horse whisperer!  If you ever visit, you have to ask Henry to do some tricks with Reagan.  The most impressive is when he gets the horse to lay down, while he is on its back…and then get back up again!

24420124_1507160091.7094_funddescriptionOur friends the Barons who moved down to Nicaragua to work with Open Hearts at Ruby Ranch have launched an awesome “go fund me”….a new motorcycle for Henry!  A motorcycle is the best mode of transport to quickly access the 400 acres of Ruby Ranch.  It is essential for the daily operation of things too; like running to the hardware store, meeting out at the road, getting things done quickly.  It will also be a huge blessing to Henry!

Click here for the Go Fund Me page if you would like to help!

Feel free to donate through Paypal if it is more convenient…we’ll make it happen! 

Donate with PayPal


We saw Henry at Hipica Horse Parade!


Exploring Ruby Ranch with Henry

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