Emergency Food Packs Delivery…

We made another delivery of Food Packs, we are well into round 6 and have delivered packs to 220 families!  Thank you everyone for your help with this…it has been a huge blessing and a mighty help in a time of need.  These packs affect the lives of over 1,300 people and equal nearly 24,000 pound of food…. Dominate4Jesus#

For more info on the Food Pack project click here


Nicaragua continues to suffer through the strife of months of civil unrest and deadly protests.  In recent weeks protests turned deadly again and a fifteen year old student was killed and multiple people were seriously injured from gunfire.  It is incredibly sad and the people are enduring the most difficult time of most of their lifetimes.  The threat of a national strike always seems to be rumored, so these food packs will provide food that is needed if the economy takes a down turn.  Please keep praying for Nicaragua.

This delivery we made to Tesoros De Dios ministry center.  “Treasures of God” is a ministry that serves hundreds of families that have children with disabilities and special needs every day.  You may remember our partnership for “Night to Shine” in the Spring.  They have a staff of 30 who serve the Lord in this beautiful way, and part of our burden has been to help the families of those who keep on serving the Lord in the middle of all the hardship.  It was a real joy to bless their team!  We met with a portion of their team, delivered the packs, and had a great time praying for them and for Nicaragua.


Thanks for keeping up with our ministry here on our blog.  We always want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for your continued prayers and support.

This food pack project has been a pretty awesome thing to do together with friends from all over the world who love Nicaragua and want to help!

God Bless from Nicaragua!

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This is a fun bonus video chasing uncle Brinson and the rest of the crew up the stair with a hundred pound boxes on their shoulders…Aliyah was impressed 🙂

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