Hurricane Relief…There Is Still Great Need!

Temporary Shelters in the Miskito Village of Hallover – Every Home Was Destroyed Except One.

Thank you all for your generous support of Nicaragua during this difficult time. Within a two week period, Puerto Cabezas on the Northern Carribean side of Nicaragua was hit by two massive storms, Hurricane Eta (Cat 4) and then Hurricane Iota (Cat 5). In the weeks since we have mobilized to support our local church Verbo in Puerto Cabezas and the churches along the Rio Coco. We put out a call for support and your alls response has been amazing!

Below we share some stories…but there is still so much to do!

Can you keep helping? Our goal is to raise another $10,000

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HERE IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE TOGETHER SO FAR! We’ve sent over 100,000 pounds of food for immediate food relief in the areas directly hit by the Hurricanes. There are tens of thousands of people affected by these storms. We have delivered food packs to families in shelters and to their homes as they are returning to their devastated villages.

We purchased eight chainsaws and delivered them to Puerto Cabezas to begin the massive clean up effort. The team worked for the week in Port as well as in two Miskito villages. Since that first trip, members of Verbo church have been going to each remote Miskito village, staying for several days working with the local community to clean up their properties of fallen trees and destroyed homes.

We purchased a boat motor to make it possible for Verbo Church to deliver food packs and relief to the most remote Miskito Villages along the coast that took a direct hit from the Hurricanes. Hallover is a village of 105 homes on the coast. This village was the landing point for BOTH storms and it was split in two by the storms. All of the homes were destroyed except for one, and now the Carribean connects to the Bay right through Hallover. It was very very sad to witness such massive destruction.

We have also purchased 1,100 pieces of roofing tin to help people rebuild their homes as they return to their villages from the shelters in Puerto Cabezas. On our trip last week to deliver food to the villages of Layasiksa and KukaLaya we were given some advice by the village elders on how to help rebuild there. The people said they need tin for roofs, but if we get them gas and chainsaws they will go out into their land and work for a week to get the wood they need to be able to rebuild their own homes. We will get to work on that immediately but also know in other villages people will need help to build homes from scratch.

On our trip last week we also had friends from Hydrologica, a well digging company based here in Nicaragua. Brandon and Dave have knowledge from years of experience working with wells and came to assess the water situation as people return to their villages. We tested wells for salt content to make judgements on immediate fresh water relief. Of equal importance, Brandon is going to put together a report on long term water solutions, including installation of sustainable wells in these remote villages.

Along with all of this material support we know more than anything that the people need our love and care in this difficult time. We prayed for many many people and asked the Lord to heal them and help them during our trips. We also just sat and listened to their stories. Amazingly and as an answer to many prayers, there were no deaths in any of these villages! I sat with Doña Rosa in Layasiksa and listened to stories of men using rope to tie themselves together to wade through flood waters to get to safety in the middle of the storm. Stories of the elderly being rescued by being carried in sheets just above the storm surge as the flooding started. It was harrowing to hear…but absolutely incredible to NOT hear of many many deaths!

This morning at church Pastor Earl (who is coordinating Verbo’s relief work in Puerto Cabezas) shared about his first trip back to Hallover after the second Hurricane. He gave a woman from the shelter a ride on their boat to return home. As they got closer to land, tears started streaming down her face and she was weeping. Her family was large and had thirty homes between all of their relatives. Every home was gone and she wept. The devastation is real and it is overwhelming. But, we are able to help. We can do a lot together, and honor the Lord as we do it!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Krista will be in Puerto Cabeza’s this week with her brother Brinson and a group of four others. This will be our fourth relief trip. They will be visiting the shelters, spending time with people and praying for them. They will also deliver 500 more food packs to remote Miskito villages. These packs will be provide food for 3-4 weeks for a family of 5-7 people. We also know they will be getting a vision for the long term work of helping people rebuild their homes. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel and much success in helping people.

God bless you all…and again thank you for supporting this relief work in such a hard time for Nicaragua!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope all of our friends and family back home are having a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! It has indeed been quite the year, with what would seem much more tragedy than good. But we LOVE this Holiday because even when times are tough, it is so important to be Thankful for all the blessings we have in our life. We hope you are enjoying those blessings this weekend too!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2020! Love, The Farringtons

We were pretty sad that our flights home for Thanksgiving were cancelled because of Covid by American Airlines. It is our first time missing Thanksgiving at Mema’s Cabin since Aliyah was just a baby. Our internet was out all day yesterday too and we didn’t even get to do our zoom call with family! But we do trust the Lord in this time and realize there are reasons to still be here in Nicaragua serving in this difficult time of Hurricanes hitting. So we are trusting God and being thankful and ready to serve!

Krista finished up school with the kids in anticipation of traveling home. So another “silver lining” is that they are able to head down to Club Esperanza and serve more and just visit with everyone. In the middle of this pandemic we opened our feeding program up to people who are showing up hungry at the school gates. It has grown and we still have had to keep Covid protocols but are feeding almost a 100 additional people a day, mostly the elderly and children. Praise God for that! Our kiddos were down there this week helping their Aunt Hazel serve lunch. We are very thankful that our children see with their own eyes how much we all have to be thankful for…and at the same time they are able to help serve others. We praise God for that too!

We enjoyed our time together with family and friends yesterday here in Nicaragua. We had a great Thanksgiving meal together at the Buzbees. It was so nice with lots of food and drinks and little kids running everywhere…full of life and love! Then, today we took a hike with some great friends up a dormant volcano and hiked around the crater in the rain forest. Nicaragua has so many beautiful places to visit and we hope we can have friends visiting and serving with us again soon! Amen.

Prayer Request: Chris will be heading out on Monday for another trip to Puerto Cabezas to provide Hurricane Relief. He will be traveling with three others and will deliver 18,000 pounds of food, 400 sheets of roofing tin, and donations collected at Club Esperanza and elsewhere here in Managua. They will also be doing research and assessment on the water situation with our friends at Hydrologica, a well drilling company here in Managua which has also been our staging area for collecting and shipping food. As people return to their devastated communities clean water is going to be of great importance!

Among all the things we will be “doing” to bring relief, we also know that there is deep loss and devastation in this time. So, we will be ministering to people as we go, praying for them and sharing the eternal hope we all have in Jesus Christ. We want to glorify God in all that we do! Thank you for your continued prayers for these Hurricane Relief Efforts!

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Another Hurricane Hitting Nicaragua…

Hello family and friends, we are getting hit by another Hurricane. Hurricane Iota made landfall last night in nearly the exact same spot that Hurricane Eta hit only two weeks ago. Please pray for Nicaragua and our friends in Puerto Cabezas and along the Rio Coco.

We were able to make our trip to Puerto Cabezas on Friday and delivered a first round of aid we wrote about in our previous blog post. But, as we were assessing damage in the Miskito villages of Karata and WawaBar the evacuations were beginning for Iota. We were able to safely evacuate on Sunday and made it back to Managua. We do plan to write a full blog post about that trip and future plans to aid and assist the areas affected by ETA.

But right now we ask for your prayers. Iota hit as a Category 5 storm. This morning I know the people in Puerto Cabezas and the surrounding areas are waking up to severe destruction. We have not heard yet from Pastor Earl. So, we pray and ask the Lord to have spared life and that the only losses are material losses. Amen. We can all work together to rebuild and help…but protection of life is the focus of our prayers right now!

We are safe in Managua with our family. We are currently under Tropical Storm conditions. Also, please pray that this storm moves on so that flooding and landslides do not become a major issue.

We love you and so appreciate all of your prayers and support!

Chris & Krista

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Hurricanes Eta Update: Devastation – Nov.9

We were able to make contact with Pastor Earl over the weekend. Hurricane Eta has left severe devastation in Puerto Cabezas. The church is now a refuge for 600 people left homeless and Earl estimates that at least 3000 homes have been destroyed by the storm. Earl reported that on the same small road as his church there are another 700 refugees in a shelter. It is an incredibly difficult time as people are only now able to survey the damage and assess what has been lost. Waters were still rising in some villages along the coast and many houses are still completely submerged. People have lost everything!

We are going to do whatever we can to provide immediate relief and this is the time that you can donate to help make a difference. These initial donations will go towards providing shelter and food for thousands of refugees in the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane. Pastor Earl is working tirelessly to provide for everyone in Puerto Cabezas and we are also sending aid down the Rio Coco to Pastor Victor in Walakitang.

We sent $2,500 on faith on Friday and that is being used already to distribute food relief in Puerto Cabezas and to seven villages along the Rio Coco as far as Walakitang!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for immediate aid!

You can click here to donate by check or use the donation buttons below…Please Help!!!

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As donations come in we are coordinating here in Managua to load up large trucks with Food, Medicine and clothing. We will fill the trucks and then make the 14 hour drive over to Puerto Cabezas to deliver the relief. We will spend time in Puerto Cabezas to help in any way we can but also pray with those that have lost so much, minister to them and do everything we can to bring some joy in a time of sorrow. So, please donate now so we can get supplies loaded up and ready to ship ASAP. We will start loading tomorrow some donations that a local business has already given. We will leave as soon as the river ferry opens back up when the flood waters recede. Thank you for joining us in the effort! Pray for everyone affected by this storm!

“God is our shelter and our strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” -Psalms 46:1

Hurricane Eta Update: Walakitang – Nov. 5

Update from the Weather Channel…it has a very good video of a general report.

UPDATE Nov5: We have been able to speak with Pastor Victor in Walakitang over the last two days and there has been no loss of life or serious injuries in Walakitang. Praise the Lord. As they expected the main concern now is the river rising, and the damage that will do. As of this morning the river is 10 yards away from the first houses of the village. So, please keep praying that the river rises no more!!!

Victor and his family have their house in that first line of houses so they are very concerned. They have moved all of their belongings out of their house over the last two days and moved their family to higher ground with other church members. They have not been able to cook over fire for the last few days so they are surviving on crackers and mixed juices and that sort of thing. It is harder on the kids than it is on the adults, is what Victor told me. We should also be praying the storm passes quicker so that the sun comes back out!

Victor has been making trips on the river with the church’s motor and church’s boat. Yesterday he went up river to help retrieve a harvest of rice and rescue the people stranded there with it. Everyone and the forty five sacks of rice made it safely. Walakitang has already been in a bit of a rice famine and this was to save what they had left. It was successful. Today he will go out again to rescue a brother from the church who is stranded in a dangerous spot further up the river. The military sent calls down river today that they are expecting it to rise. So again, please pray for Victor as he leads these trips with other men from the village, that the Lord would guide them and keep them safe. And again lets pray that the river rises no more!!!

We told him take whatever is needed on loan from village store and we will make sure to pay it all back once the storm passes, food, gasoline, tools etc…whatever is needed. We don’t want them to not save someone or not do something needed just because of lack of funds…our God is bigger than that and His people need to move when there is need…amen!!!

Our family is fine today in Managua and all of our friends and ministry workers are fine. We are having heavier rain today and last night, so we would ask the Lord for that to stop so that no major damage is done. We are concerned for our friends in Puerta Cabezas, which is the town at the point of major impact from the storm. We have not been able to communicate with Pastor Earl yet, but know that things are probably much more difficult there because that is where Eta hit at full force. Please pray for Earl and the people in Puerta Cabezas.

This is a video from another town in the path of the storm. It was sent by a friend here in Managua, but I just want to share it so that you have a view of what the houses are like along the Rio Coco and in Walakitang. They are not Hurricane proof.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

This is the image of Eta as it apprached Nicaragua two days ago as a Category 4 Hurricanes….

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Hurricane Eta: Please pray for Walakitang!

We have never posted two blog posts in one day but it appears that the Hurricane threatening Nicaragua has strengthened over night when we made the previous post. Hurricane Eta is expected to hit land in Puerta Cabezas as a Category 4 storm tomorrow. This is really really bad. Here is a report from the weather channel….watch the video on the story for really good info.

We have many good friends in Puerta Cabezas. That is where the main Verbo church in that region is. Verbo is the local denomination we work with to support Walakitang and the church planting movement along the Rio Coco led by Pastor Victor. There is basically no safe structure along the Rio Coco that can handle the impact of a Hurricane of this force. Most homes are thatch roof and wooden stilt houses. All of the churches we work with along the Rio Coco are going to be affected. The Rio Coco and Walakitang are in the direct path of the Hurricane.

Additionally to the initial impact of the Hurricane, the flooding and land slides could be catastrophic. Google search “Hurricane Mitch” which happened in 1998 to get a perspective. 11,000 people died in the days that Mitch hovered over Central America and caused so much destruction.

WE ARE ASKING YOU TO PLEASE PRAY! Specifically we ask God to dissipate the storm miraculously, to guide everyone in the region to a safe place to weather the storm, and that the it would move past quickly without hovering over Nicaragua and Central America for many days!

As for our family we are expecting heavy rains and will hunker down safely in our home and keep an eye on friends and ministry co-workers here in Managua. Should any of them need help, we will be available. We do appreciate your prayers for all of us as well.

We will be sure to give updates on any needs that may arrive in the aftermath.

Thank you for your prayers!

Here are some pictures from Walakitang trips over the years to give you an idea of the region. Pastor Victor and his wife Damaris are in one of the pictures…

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Devos with Chachi: “My God why have you forsaken me?”

Hello family and friends. I hope your week is starting well!

God put a short devotional message on my heart a few weeks ago and I wanted to take some time to share it here on our blog. The topic is in Matthew 27 when Jesus is dying on the cross and cries out, “My God my God why have you forsaken me?” Especially in times like we are living through right now, a verse like this may come to mind. Well, you can rest assured that Jesus was not crying out as one abandoned. In fact, He was doing something else and pointing everyones minds to something incredible when he said those words on the cross right before he died.

I hope you are encouraged by this, and I hope the Lord blesses you this week!

Chris Farrington

Biblical references – Matthew 27:45-55 and Psalm 22



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Club Esperanza: What does Ileana’s Schol mean to you?

Our friends at Love Light and Melody had a wonderful idea of integrating art into the lives of our students at Ileana’s School here at Club Esperanza. To read the full story of Ileana and the school that is named after her in a spirit of Hope for the future click here.

We asked all of our elementary students if they wanted to participate in an art contest during their free time…Almost half of them said yes!

To get each student to think in the abstract and transition their thoughts to art, we asked them the simple question, “What does Ileana’s School mean to you?” As they reflected on that question, we encouraged them to take that thought and paint it! Look at all the sweet results…

We are going to award prizes in the coming week…who do you think had the best painting? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We love them all and love to see what God has impressed on each of our students hearts when they think about their school.

We hope these pictures made you smile today!

Please keep us all in your daily prayers, we really appreciate all of your support for Club Esperanza and all the awesome God glorifying things that happen here on a daily basis!



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Farrington Newsletter: Fall 2o2o

We hope you have some time today to check out our newest newsletter…

If you would like to give a donation to one of the projects we share about, remember your donation is doubled by the anonymous matching donation! You can use the buttons below or click here for information to donate by check.

Thank you and God Bless the end of 2020!!!

Chris & Krista Farrington

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A BONUS “PRAISE JESUS” REPORT: As we were working on this newsletter and sent it out for print, we got some awesome news from Doña Uvaldina. She has been cooking meals for over a decade at our school. Last year she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her treatment was very difficult. She always tried to come to work in the middle of it, but it got to a point that we had to tell her to stay home and rest. We told her not to worry that we were with her. She loves cooking for everyone so much she just wanted to keep fighting through it! We were in constant prayer for her.

She returned to work last month because she was getting her energy back after treatment. This Monday she stopped me at Club Esperanza. She had great news to share…her doctors told her she is cancer free! Amen and praise the Lord!!! How awesome is that?!?

Cancer is a devastating heartbreaker. So many of us have gone through the loss of loved ones because of it. So, today we wanted to celebrate these victories! Please keep praying for Angelica (pictured in our newsletter) and Uvaldina (pictured in the center below) as they live their lives as cancer survivors. Amen.

For those of you we know and love who are battling cancer and have suffered loss, please know that we pray for you as often as we think of you.

As I remember a friend we recently lost to cancer and I know many others have lost loved ones too, we hope you might visit The American Cancer Society at to read about the ways the medical community is fighting cancer and to donate to the efforts being made to find cures.

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Today is such a terrible day to remember for so many people. It is interesting to be at a particular age where my children do not know what we are talking about on this day, unless we tell them the story. That is why we remember right? So that we don’t forget, and so we all remain vigilant against all the evil that is in our world. I am thankful to know Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I claim His promises of eternal life after death…that makes tragedies and hardship easier to bare. But they are hard all the same.

This year I feel like this short clip of the 911 operator who took Todd Beamer’s phone call is a perfect way to remember the anniversary of September 11th, 2001. Heroism and sacrifice…we should aspire towards both those things and be willing to live a life in the way the men and women on Flight 93 lived their lives. Jesus said, “Greater love has not one than this, that a man would lay down his life for his friends.”

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

I know we will never forget September 11th, 2001

Chris & Krista Farrington

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