Christmas has begun….


We had a wonderful time together last Friday with our extended family of Casa Havilah and Casa Robles. Officially the first Christmas party of our year! This past year has been full of life, new things, salvation and ups and downs as well. God is so good and we celebrated each of these children we love with gifts and a fun time together.

The birth of our Savior! Humbly born in a manger. Emmanuel God with Us, experiencing all the of great things and hardships of life…knowing exactly what we feel. Then giving Himself as a sacrifice to atone for all of the sins of man in one beautiful stunning moment on Calvary. Thank you Jesus! We remember your birth this Christmas season with parties and live and life together!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


All of our kiddos at the homes will be visiting their families over the Christmas and New Year break. Please keep them in your prayers during this time! Fredder, Naydelin, Denis, Alyson, Saxkia, Elery and Maryel….thank you for praying for all of them by name!

Gigi at the party with Elery and Maryel


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Club Esperanza: We need help with Christmas…


It is the end of the school year and we are about to have our annual Christmas party down at Club Esperanza!  The kids put together different dances and music performances, we invite all the parents, and we have a big meal together…it is always a great time and an awesome end to the school year!  Celebrating Jesus’ birthday is the best party we have all year!!! (These are some pictures from last year’s fun.)

We want to make sure every student has a present, but when there are nearly 300 kids that bill can get really big really fast.  So we are going to ask for help…your help 🙂

We would love to buy each child a $10 gift. 

Maybe you can donate one, or two or ten?  We have 287 students to shop for.


And we don’t want to leave out our incredible teachers and staff.  They dedicate themselves to serving our kids all year long and many of them make big personal sacrifices to serve at Club Esperanza.  It is a great group of people and we would like to do something special for each of them.  So once we are able to raise enough funds for all of the kids, we want to raise funds for our teachers and staff’s Christmas gift.

We would love to buy a $30 gift certificate for each teacher and staff member.

There are 29 total faculty, staff and volunteers we would like to bless.


We hope you can help this year….and please keep our end of the year festivities in your prayers.  It really is a special time that God uses to pour out blessings and joy on the children and families we serve at Club Esperanza!

  Click here for info to donate by check OR use one of the buttons below.

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Thanks and God Bless!!!  We’re pretty sure this is the best #BlackFriday #CyberMonday deal there is out there LOL! 

Sincerely though, thank you so very much!

And hopefully we are the first to say…..Merry Christmas from Nicaragua!  

– Chris & Krista Farrington

Casa Robles: A Great Week…baptism and graduation!

What a great day yesterday!  In our lives as Christians many of us remember our baptisms very fondly as an important part of our journey in faith.  Yesterday Fredder and Denis were baptized in the pool here at the Buzbees.  It was so awesome and we were so blessed to participate!

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These boys are becoming young men and over the last year both of them came to Papa Yuri at different times asking to be baptized.  Yesterday was the day we could finally all be together for their baptism.  They both shared their testimonies of coming to believe in Jesus as their saviors, which was very special to hear in their own words.  I believe that baptism is not just a moment of public profession of faith but also a moment where God does something deep and special spiritually in individual’s lives.  That was evidenced yesterday.  It was a very special time of worship for all of us.  We hope that you will continue to pray for both Denis and Fredder as they continue to grow with Christ.  Amen!

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Some more excitement yesterday was Maryel’s graduation from Kindergarten.  He is the most hysterical little guy and has brings so much life to everyone he comes in contact with.  He has done that for all us over this past year since he and his big brother Elery came into Casa Robles.  Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri have loved them as their own and it has brought incredible healing and growth in their lives.  Congratulations to Maryel on this very special day!!!

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Look at that smile…it is all the time!  My favorite moments are whenever he sees me he always asks “Donde esta mi Tia Krista” hahaha…he is so excited to see Krista whenever we are all together…it is so sweet!

  The week started with greatness on Sunday!  We got to link in via the internet to see Angel be baptized in Tallahassee.  Angel went forward at church and accepted Jesus as his savior last month and this Sunday he was baptized.  It was so special that Papa Gary was the one to baptize Angel.  And the internet is so awesome because we got to be witnesses…see the video above.  God is good…all the time!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Casa Robles!  Please also keep praying for Mama Angelica as she continues chemotherapy to fight cancer she was diagnosed with in the Spring.  We ask Jesus for total healing!  Amen.


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Club Esperanza: Major Septic and Water Issues…please help!

This will have to be a post with very minimal pictures, or maybe I will add some of our awesome students and teachers at the end.  But we are having some incredibly bad problems with our septic system and our city water bill at the School!  We need to resolve this soon, maybe you can help?!?

SEPTIC:  We have a major problem that when the city sewage system on the road backs up, all of the sewage backfills into Club Esperanza because we are lower than then everyone else.  Well that has been happening frequently this past month and it is unbearable.  We arrived for school and our check valves on the sewage line that prevents back flow had malfunctioned and the “agua negra” back filled into all the bathrooms, spilling out into the classrooms and office.  We had to cancel classes two days because the city takes that long to respond.  It is incredibly unsanitary and honestly disgusting.  But our teachers are incredible and go into action cleaning to keep things from being worse.  Photos – First is our school flooded and the massive two day sanitization and clean up.  The second is our sewage registry box that is overflowing, raising that metal lid and seeking a solution was definitely something where I felt like I was on that show “Dirty Jobs”, only worse because on TV you can’t smell anything!  The third photo below is our teachers and staff working out in front of the club where the manhole was backed up…this is work the city should be doing, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!  Many of the parents of our students came to help as well…they are equally frustrated with the city!

SOLUTION:  We need to install and independent septic tank and leech system so that we can be off of the city sewage lines.  It will have to be a huge tank because we have 300 people a day and a full kitchen serving two meals a day.

COST:  $2,500

WATER ISSUE:  These photos below may look like normal toilets.  But what if I told you that these were causing our water bill to spike to $500 a month!  That is what has happened.  The water company sent us a bill that was INSANE, so for the past two months we have been fighting with them.  We thought we might have a major leak under the foundation that was not visible or that someone was stealing water from us.  It turns out that our toilets are so old that the kits went bad and they were leaking two gallons a minute.  It was hard to narrow it down because of the city water being high pressure at night and low during the day.  Worse yet the internal kits for the toilets are no longer available in Nicaragua.  We need to get this resolved as well.

SOLUTION:  It is pretty simple.  We need to buy new toilets to replace the old ones.  It will be an entire overhaul to the toilets of all of our bathrooms.

COST:  $1,150


Please pray for us as we seek temporary solutions for these major problems!  

If you can donate in any way towards this please do so here or use the buttons below…thank you for your support of Club Esperanza!


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Crazy Rains! Losing roads, losing land…

It has been a heavy rainy season and we had a flash flood the other day that did some serious damage here in our neighborhood where we live.  We had about ten inches of rain in three hours and it wreaked some serious havoc!  Our entrance road was flooded during the rain while Krista was out…so she couldn’t even get home.  All of the neighbors worked together to fixed the hole in the road that was left after the rain subsided, and then we were to get in and out again.  It was wild!  Our road is in desperate need of repair…it will be a huge project, but is something we are asking the Lord for!

The good news is that we had some rubble from a construction project we were doing on our kitchen.  We went out with our guys here at Quinta Havilah and did some temporary patching on the worst parts.  Now normal small cars can make it to our house again and not just four wheel drive vehicles…it has been crazy!


Then there was more bad news…the power went out in the middle of the storm for five hours and caused some damage to our water pump that feeds Read More

Club Esperanza: Some Dentistry Love!


A very big thank you to our friends from Pennsylvania who came to the club to put together a dental clinic!  There were huge efforts made to get the team into the country and not just be present but also be ready to do the best job they could.  Dental care is an extra for most people in Nicaragua.  It costs extra money that most don’t have, and it often loses priority to other health needs.

This team was an incredible blessing the neighborhood we serve at Club Esperanza!  They came with excellence…it is often an easier solution to Read More

Farrington Newsletter: Summer ’19

We had a great summer with visitors and teams and other activities.  Our recent newsletters highlights some of the summer fun!  Thanks for reading and keeping up with us via our newsletter.  Your prayers and support sustain us!  

If you would like a paper copy, send us your mailing address

God Bless from Nicaragua!  – Chris & Krista Farrington

19-08 Newsletter p119-08 Newsletter p2


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