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God Bless from Nicaragua!


“Night To Shine” Nicaragua 2018


This video is my favorite and it captures the fun of the night so well!  We celebrated a “Noche de Gala” (Prom) with over three hundred people at Verbo Church here in Nicaragua last Friday night!  We had one hundred honored guests who were crowned Kings and Queens of the prom…it was an incredible night of fun for many kids who don’t always get to attend something like Prom.  In fact, I can say they have never had a night like last Friday before in their lives….dancing, red carpet, being crowned, an elegant dinner, photo booth…it was awesome!

You may remember last year when Krista and I had the incredible experience to get to attend Tim Tebow Foundation‘s Celebrity Golf Classic.  “Night to Shine” is an international event organized by the Tebow Foundation to have Prom for special needs young adults on the Friday before Valentines Day.  It is held at over 500 sites in 16 different countries!  This year we hosted it in Nicaragua and it’s happening was the fruit of our visit last year.  We had a chance to say hello to Tim Tebow at that event.  He said “How about ‘Night to Shine Nicaragua’?”  We said, “Wow, that would be awesome!  But you know there are lots of logistics to pull something like that off.”  His response, “I like logistics.”  And a year later…with lots of hard work from La Iglesia Cristiana Verbo, Tesoros de Dios, Club Cristiana La Esperanza, friends at the Tebow Foundation who love Nicaragua, and all of us here in Nicaragua with Open Hearts…Night to Shine happened for the first time in Nicaragua!  Amen!

004 001

The red carpet entrance to the event is certainly one of the most exciting parts of the night!  Every single honored guest got to do a walk of fame.  With paparazzi on either side and lots of cheering fans they each walked down the red carpet to enter the Prom.

This is what it felt like!!!


After the entrance our crowning ceremony was also very special.  One of the important moments of the night is for every honored guest to be crowned as either King or Queen of the prom.  There was a special video we played where Tim Tebow declared each guest King or Queen of the Prom.  We also had a special guest to do the crowning.  Miss Teen Nicaragua is friends with some of our friends at church who were organizing.  She loves the Lord and when she heard about “Night to Shine” she volunteered to help.  Each King and Queen was crowned by a pageant queen that they all have seen recently on the local Nicaraguan news reports.  It was so cool for the guests and their family…they each got to take a picture that they will never forget!


After the crowning the party started and we opened up the dance floor.  Now this by far was the funnest time of the night for many of our honored guests.  Like I said, that first video was my favorite.  We had a live band come and all the volunteers, invited guests, honored guests and even Miss Teen Nicaragua danced the night away!  I loved the salsa flavor that the dancing captured and all of the smiles on EVERYONE’s faces!

IMG_3652 012

This is a picture a friend captured of Krista’s little sister Johanna who had a fun dance with one of the most excited guests of the night.  From the moment on the red carpet, the crowning and onto the dance floor this young lady was having an incredible time…excitement just beamed off of her face as she went from moment to moment.  She was also a star on the dance floor going from group to group and person to person just wanting to dance dance dance.  It was a night of new friendships and a night full of the Lord’s Presence.  Faith, Hope and Love in action!

This was such a great night to make happen.  Honestly my eyes still tear up days later thinking about how special a night it was for so many people.  We’ll share more stories on our blog so please check back….until then we definitely have to close out this post with this little sweet heart as she stole the stage 🙂


Happy Valentines Day!!!

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First Day of School 2018!


Yesterday was the first day of School at Club Esperanza…it was lots of fun!  We were able to do a Facebook Live video and i attached it below…hope you have a chance to watch 🙂

This year we have Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Classes, Elementary School tutoring, High School Tutoring and our High School Scholarship Program.  Additionally we have Lacrosse The Nations Athletic Program, Music Class with Jordan, and Bible Study with Michael & Rocio Booth.  Every child also receives two meals a day, amen!  Much more will be going on as well with all these beautiful children and young people God put under our care this year.  We are praying for a blessed 2018!!!


We shared a blog recently with information about how you might support the school financially.  As you pray for us please consider this as well….

A $25 monthly donation supports one child for the year.  If 300 people committed, we could fund Club Esperanza for the year!  Amen!

Now, we do know that 300 people is probably everybody we know LOL!  So it might be a little unrealistic.  But with everyone we know, and everyone YOU know maybe we can get there?!?  So, please share our blog and help if you can…Thank you and God Bless from Nicaragua!

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Here is the link to the Facebook live video…there is a lot in there, but you can get a good view of the classrooms and dining hall as well as some of the surrounding neighborhood at the end of the video.  Also, the future site of our six classroom education building that we are praying for God to provide…we have the land just need the building 🙂  We are so very blessed by your interest in what God is doing in Nicaragua!

Family Update: Fun trip home!


We have been back in Nicaragua for a few weeks now, but we wanted to share a little family update from our travels back to the U.S.  We went home to Miami for Christmas….it was so much fun to be home at Mema’s house!  It is such a blessing for our kids to get to be with all of their cousins who we really really miss all your round…and for Krista and I to see my siblings and their spouses whom we love dearly and miss year round too…plus my momma is my hero…so much fun!!!

We had so much fun together but I forgot to take pictures.  You would think with a house full of 10 kids there would be lots of fights and craziness, but it wasn’t that way.  Ok well maybe there was lots of craziness, but everyone just has so much fun together, non stop football and nerf guns, swimming in the the pool in winter, candy cane hunts, Mema’s awesome cooking made for soooo many sweet times together.  It was awesome!

We had a awesome “Noche Buena” at Aunt Reina and Uncle Matt’s house, and then Christmas morning at Mema’s, and then more Christmas a couple days later with Tia and Tio when they drove down for the New Year with their gang.  Check it out, the girls got these crazy little birds that hatch out of an egg!  Hatchables, I think?!?  Hatch-a-really-cool-invention is what I call them!  Again I am missing too many pictures.  But, God blessed us with an incredible Christmas time!

Juju lost a tooth on Christmas Eve….so the tooth fairy and Santa combined LOL!

We had a chance to drive through Florida and visit friends along the way.  We are so thankful to friends and family who open their doors to us to crash in guest rooms and on couches, visit with us, bless us, pray for us and give us a great time while home!

On the West Coast you get to go to the beach in Winter and we got to go out on a boat and visit with great friends!  And we found sooo many beautiful shells too, incredible.  We also stopped through Celebration, FL to visit friends who had recently visited Nicaragua from Illuminate Church.  We even saw snow in downtown Celebration that night! (ok it was fake hahaha, but so cool!)  Not only that, we got to go to Disney World!  It was soooo much fun and we are very very very thankful for that blessing!  We also ate lots of Chick-Fil-A along the way thanks to friends there too…such a blessing!  Praise Jesus!

We made it up to Tallahassee and stayed with Aunt Kris (who our kids all call Aunt Grammies).  She took great care of us, as she always does.  Guess who else we got to see?  Andrew and Angel from Casa Robles! (You may remember this story about the Cloud family and the boys).  This was definitely a highlight of our trip!  Seeing them doing so well and having dinner with the Clouds and their family was great, it was wild to speak to them in English!  We also took the boys out for the day to visit Wakeenah where Krista was born.  They got to see where the Buzbees used to live and meet Don Michael’s family.  Another special moment, was when we got there.  We brought fresh treats from Mama Angelica that she packed up special for them, and notes from all the other boys.  Angel snuck away to read his letters, Andrew enjoyed the Nica food!  LOL.  They are doing well…so fun to see them!  Please keep on praying for both of them.

Our home church Christ Journey Church in Miami is such a blessing to us as well, and takes such good care of us!  We had fun at the church sharing some testimonies from Nicaragua, meeting with some of the youth from a team coming down in the Spring, we loved being home for the Christmas Eve service, and even more we loved being welcomed into friends homes, being prayed for, being loved on and having a great time!  Speaking of having a great time, some dear friends got us tickets to the Orange bowl!  It was a tough loss for The U,  but it was really cool to take Mason to a big bowl game!  God is good to us and the support from Christ Journey into our lives and ministry here is so incredible!  We love you all and look forward to seeing some of you soon!


This last picture is what I woke up to on our wall in our bedroom after the first night back home in Nicaragua.  After such a blessed, refreshing and fulfilling time in Miami, Jesus woke me up with this.  We have a purpose, we have a fulfilled life, and it is all wrapped up in this cross.  It is everything for us.  Amen.

Thank you for keeping up with us!

Love, Chris & Krista and our gang.

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Financial Support…how to help in 2018?

We hope the year has turned over well for you and your family.  As 2018 kicks off we want share a huge way you can help our ministry financially this year.  Club Cristiana La Esperanza is one of our major ministry centers with Open Hearts Ministries.  We are able to have a large impact on so many families’ lives and we love that!  But to keep it operating we need partnerships from individuals and organizations.

The Club is a beacon of light in a community that is full of darkness, strife, and difficulty.  Everyday, 275 children come to Club Esperanza.  The Club is a day to day ministry center, and the children are our focus.  With everything centered around Jesus and God’s love for them, we provide early childhood and elementary education; middle school and high school tutoring;  and a feeding program with two meals a day for every child.  We also do a number of extracurricular activities like Bible study groups, Club for nursing and pregnant mothers, Lacrosse, Guitar class, outreach to children with special needs, art class, dance class and much more, if you can imagine!

Would you please consider supporting Club Esperanza in 2018?

A classroom of 30 students costs $750 a month to operate. 

We have 9 different classrooms set to operate for 2018.  If your church or organization or even you personally could help support a classroom, we would be incredibly blessed.  Our email address is …please email us with any questions or ways you can further be involved!  To donate by check click here or use the paypal link below to donate online.  (Also if an entire classroom is out of reach, a $25 monthly donation would fund one of our children at Club Esperanza, through paypal you can now do recurring monthly donations…thank you!)

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Thank you and God Bless You!

Here are some fun photos from our 2017 Christmas Party and Graduation ceremonies…as you look through them please pray for all of these precious little ones.  Nicaragua has a great future and we are working to make an impact!



Club Esperanza: Hearts, Hands & Smiles…


One of the things we love about Club Esperanza is that it is not only an education center and a feeding program.   It is a place where we can  serve the community in lots of different ways.  It is actually a sort of Basecamp for the light of Jesus to shine!

This past weekend while all of the children are still on vacation from school, our new friends from Hearts Hands and Smiles put together a dental clinic.   After they served the children in the community that needed attention, they opened the doors to serve anyone else who needed help.   Praise the Lord for that!  If you have ever personally had a tooth that needs work, you know what a huge blessing this weekend was.

Our staff at Club Esperanza had such a great time with them…and the clinic was a huge success!


Please email us if you ever have an interest in putting together a clinic or something similar that could bless the people here in Nicaragua!

And we appreciate your continued financial support that keeps Club Esperanza open.


This last picture is fun.  Some of you may remember Daniela who lived in Casa Havilah for a number of years when we first opened the home.  Well she came to the clinic with her cute little baby girl.  It was fun to get to see her.  God is good!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Thank you for all of the support you gave to our family over the last year…God is doing some great things in Nicaragua and we are looking forward to 2018 with excitement!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Farringtons

Below is our most recent newsletter…if you would like to support any of our ongoing ministries or our family click this link for donation information.  Thank you again! Contact us at for any other info.

17-12 Newsletter BW p1

17-12 Newsletter BW p2

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