Ruby Ranch: Fall fun days!


Over the last five months Nicaragua has been going through a crisis that has destroyed the economy, claimed hundreds of lives, and continues to have an ugly face of daily arrests, stories of torture, violence, and protests with little hope in sight for the majority of normal every day Nicaraguans.  In the middle of everything there are millions of kids just trying to keep on going.  They hear their parents talk and have seen the news reports.  The children are having a hard time, in a different way than their parents, but equally as hard.

Krista’s brother Brinson who oversees Ruby Ranch had a great idea.  There was so much violence over the summer we lost the chance to run the summer camps we usually do all summer long.  Read More

Prayer for Nicaragua…

Nicaragua is still going through a deadly crisis that has claimed over 300 lives in less than four months. Please keep praying for Nicaragua…

This is not a picture of Nicaragua. It is a portrait from American History, but it has given me hope and has led me to pray for Nicaragua in a specific way. We visited D.C. two years ago and the young intern from Marco Rubio’s office gave us a incredible tour of the Capital. We came to the rotunda and he pointed at this giant painting and said “This is when America was born.”

I don’t believe The United States is God’s country, not by any means. But 240 years of democratic elections and a change of power every 4 or 8 years is incredible. It is miraculous. Even more so in light of what we are living through today in Nicaragua.

Back to the painting. The young man certainly caught my attention with that line, Read More

Food Pack Delivery: Los Brasiles


We made another delivery of “Emergency Food Packs” this past week.  This time to the community of Los Brasiles and our staff at Club Cristiano Los Brasiles.  It was a special time, especially because we were able to have some friends in town for the weekend to help deliver the packs.  Mission For Nicaragua teams had to cancel their summer trips because of the country’s deadly political crisis.  Cancelling the trips was a heart breaking time for our friend Hilary and the teams that she and her husband Jack lead to Nicaragua year round.  Nicaragua still isn’t stable enough for large teams, but this weekend Hilary was able to make the trip with her close friend and team member Kristina to make the delivery.  Los Brasiles is a community that Mission For Nicaragua have adopted and they have some beautiful relationships there.  They are also strong supporters of Club Los Brasiles, so like I said it was a very special delivery!


We packed up our Land Cruiser Ambulances and made our way to Club Los Brasiles on Sunday afternoon.  Not only did we share the packs with teachers and staff there, Read More

Casa Robles: Unstoppable hand of God…

When we sat in a Chili’s restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica with the Schancks and Fredder having traveled together with Mama Angelica, Papa Yuri, his mom and grandmother by plane from Nicaragua, we were all pretty sure not a single one of us would have ever orchestrated things in this way.  But as we all shared and said goodbye’s with tears and telling stories, Papa Yuri made mention of “the unstoppable hand of God” on Fredder’s life.


This boy from the trash dump who is now a growing teenager is on to another journey with God in his life.  He is surrounded by an extended family that loves him and will fight for the best things in his life.  For Angelica and Yuri they were sending their son off to college a couple years early.  Because, over the last decade they have loved for and Read More

Walakitang: Church is growing…

With all of the chaos going on in Nicaragua over the last three months we lost some of our communications with Pastor Victor. But yesterday he made contact to us from a port city and shared some encouraging news. They are doing well and the Lord is blessing the church movement on the Rio Coco. He sent this video of last weekend’s church service. Praise Jesus!

I did laugh a little watching the video. Everyone must have been wondering why Pastor Victor was walking around with his cell phone! I don’t imagine he was wearing black and discretely filming from behind the drummer like some of the bigger churches in the world today :-). Even though I am sure he distracted someone I really was moved deep in my Spirit seeing the video, recognizing faces and knowing God is moving in people’s lives! Read More

“Emergency Packs”: Round Two complete…

Last step of the Packing Process….in super fast motion!


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present

help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

This past week we completed Round Two of delivering Emergency Provision Packs during the crisis we are living through here in Nicaragua.  We made sure to have some fun in the packing process and it has been a whole family effort!  We made deliveries to Ruby Ranch workers, teachers and staff at Colegio Havilah, FCA in Nicaragua, and a few other individuals.  It really can’t be overstated what an impact these packs are having…with tears of thanks flowing at every delivery we pray together for Nicaragua!


Here is our packing and delivery crew, we got the young guns on board and made sure to have them do all the lifting…I am injured so I “had” to be the supervisor LOL!  Each of these packs need two people to lift them, they are heavy!  We were curious as to how much each one weighed, so we had to boys weigh them and they are 108 lbs each!

As we completed round two we have packed and delivered 8,640 lbs. of provisions that will provide 2-3 weeks worth of food to 80 families.  PRAISE JESUS!!!


If you would like to donate to help us keep delivering as many packs as the Lord allows here is the button to donate a pack through Paypal…as many as we can, amen!


Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


Deliveries to Colegio Havilah:

Read More

Casa Robles: Prayer request for Fredder…

This week we will find out if Fredder is going to be able to go the US next year to study.  Will you please pray this week?  There are two important foreign embassy appointments and approvals needed.  Our friends The Schancks who have known Fredder and the Casa Robles gang for the last five years have opened their home to him for this amazing opportunity.  They are awesome friends and will be a wonderful family to Fredder!  If all goes well this week he will be going to Norfolk Christian School as an international student with a Student Visa starting in August!   

Shcanks visit…Fredder up a tree

Prayer Request:  This week there are two key meetings.  First is an appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Costa Rican Consolate Office to apply for a Visa to travel to Costa Rica this weekend.  Please pray that the Costa Ricans give the Visas for Fredder, his mom, his grandmother, Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri.  Then even more important is his US Embassy appointment next Monday in Costa Rica.  After months of paperwork and approvals, this appointment for an F1 student Visa is the final step…please pray that Fredder gets approved and can return home with the Schancks! Read More

First delivery of “Emergency Packs”


We have delivered the first round of 40 “Emergency Provision Packs“.  It was an incredible blessing to everyone that received one…Thank you to everyone who donated!  We plan to do another round of 40 soon, so if you thought about donating a pack but haven’t yet, please do!  Lets keep the blessings going…


Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1


Our first delivery was with our teachers and staff from Club Esperanza.  Unfortunately we were unable to deliver such a large number of packs to the Club because of the circumstances in the country and the surrounding neighborhood.  But we gathered at our director’s house for the first delivery and they sent the message above!  We had a great time together and everyone shared specific words of thanks, then we prayed together for Nicaragua.  We are asking God to do a miracle…as quickly as the country has descended into crisis, we are asking God to end it just as quickly! Read More

A way to help during the crisis in Nicaragua…


There has been so much loss of life, pain and suffering in Nicaragua over the last two months.  With all the uncertainty, violence and unrest happening here, we feel burdened by the Lord to help as much as we can.  We asked our staff at Club Esperanza if there were specific needs that they have during this dark time.  They shared that a big concern is not having enough food if the country were to go on a prolonged national strike.  Most people live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the ability to stockpile.  If food shortages become a problem it will be very difficult.  They got together and came up with a list of non-perishable foods that would provide for a family of six for two weeks.

Our game plan is simple…purchase and assemble as many of these packs as possible and distribute them to the families we work with.  We will start with our teachers and staff at Club Esperanza and then in Los Brasiles, at Ruby Ranch, in Los Cedros and hopefully more.  It’s a small way to help our friends who are suffering through the most difficult times the country has seen in decades.  We know the Lord cares and are trusting Him to help us all through.  Please keep praying for Nicaragua!  And if you can help by purchasing a pack do so below…

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” -Psalms 46:1 


Would you join us and help by donating an Emergency Pack?  We plan to post updates on our blog every time we make a delivery.  Below you can donate a pack using PayPal or click here to donate by check.  We are looking forward to this and hope you are too!

God Bless Nicaragua!  -Chris & Krista Farrington




Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


Read More

Club Esperanza: Light in dark times…

“For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord.  Walk as children of Light.”  -Ephesians 5:8

Nicaragua is going through very dark times right now.  There is constant bad news of fighting and violence.  Everyone is nervous, scared, filled with fear even in their own neighborhoods.  It is a very dark time.  But Jesus’ calling on our lives remains…

Club Esperanza has not closed and our incredible Nicaraguan staff has gotten there everyday and continued to be the Light in these times.  We shared this story below in our last newsletter from the earliest days of the crisis in April…

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 8.21.38 AM

Read More

Spring 2018 Newsletter: Revolution in Progress

We hope you have time to read our recent newsletter today.  Things have gotten worse in Nicaragua since our writing.  We are so appreciative of your continued prayers and financial support, now more than ever!


Donation information by Check OR
Donate with PayPal

Some specific ways to pray for us:

– For our family and Nicaraguan team’s safety amongst the violence and lack of police presence to deter crime.  Things have quickly become very unsafe in Nicaragua.
Read More

Ol’ Man fell off the motorcycle…

I went on a ride with a group of guys out to Ruby Ranch on Thursday.  It was gonna be a fun day riding back roads out to the Ranch and then back home, but I had an accident on the first leg.  Our friend Jace was behind me and actually caught it on his GoPro, and when a young creative guy has the footage well…

This is actually what happened 🙂 😉 🙂 ….

Thankfully I didn’t knock myself out or have anything more serious.  But, unfortunately Read More

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