A new home for some hard working friends…


Don Horadio has been working at Ruby Ranch as part of the full time staff that maintains the Ranch year round for over seven years now…pretty much since the beginning of the ranch.  His house had gone into disrepair and was starting to fall down….because God is huge, just last month he and his wife received a brand new home!  Praise Jesus!

Krista’s uncle Allen has had the idea of traveling to Nicaragua with a team of his co-workers from the State of Florida for a number of years.  They came last month with goal of building a home for a family in need.  It turned into a perfect trip because on their trip they were the hands the built Don Horadio’s house!

God does amazing things big and small and this week was one of those big things!

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Mission 4 Nicaragua…an invasion!

62071972_1041930622671718_3460576990019452928_n Our amazing friend Hilary Snook was on the war path for Jesus this summer with her organization Mission 4 Nicaragua!  For the last month teams, guests, and friends have visited Nicaragua with her to get their hands dirty doing God’s things down here and it has been awesome!  In this picture she is with our new English teacher at Club Esperanza and Club Los Brasiles.  Hilary spear headed the effort to get a consistent weekly teacher at our education centers, because being able to speak a second language is a HUGE advantage.  Veronica started last month teaching all of our elementary level classes and because of generous donations we were able to provide text books and work books as well, Praise God!

The teams that came through were an awesome blessing in the different areas they worked.  Laying sod and painting out in Los Brasiles was a big part of the work.  But more importantly walking around in the barrio and visiting with friends they have made over the years was just as impactful!  There was a whole lot of life and love walking around Los Brasiles this past month!

A really cool project that has been led by Hilary’s daughter AnnaBelle is raising donations to buy beds for families in Los Brasiles. Read More

Club Esperanza: Help Don Julio buy a wheelchair…

b4b29d82-9e19-44be-99b1-6142f844be76    Don Julio is the uncle of one of our students and a part of a family we have served at Club Esperanza for the last five years.  He has a debilitating illness that has left him wheelchair bound.  There is a dignity to being mobile and Don Julio has been suffering for months.  He had to borrow a children’s wheelchair to come to a clinic at the Club last weekend.  We would like to help buy him a wheelchair!!!  Would you be willing to help?  A new adult wheelchair will cost $250.

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Thank you so much for continuing to support Club Esperanza!!!  Helping friends like Don Julio is something that we do under our program at the Club called “Juntos Para Inclusion” where we assist families Read More

Spring Newsletter ’19

We would like to share with you our most recent newsletter.  We appreciate your support for our family as missionaries and the ministries we operate here in Nicaragua.

If you would like to receive a copy of our newsletter, just email us your home address at losfarringtons@gmail.com we will send a copy your way.  We’d also love to hear from you if you just want to say hi or have questions about what you read below. 

God Bless from Nicaragua!  – Chris & Krista Farrington


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19-04 Newsletter BW p1

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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to everyone…the greatest day in history…Jesus is Alive!  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is our victory over sin and death, it is the promise of eternal life, it is what moved the Apostle Paul to quote Hosea when he wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:55 “O death, where is your victory?  O death, where is your sting?”  We can look at death without fear because of Jesus’ resurrection.  Even today artists sing and write in beautiful ways capturing the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.  I love this song I heard for the first time this year by Corey Voss, it is called Praise the King.  We hope sharing the lyrics here encourages you today and draws you closer to God.  Happy Easter!

There’s a reason why the curse of sin is broken
There’s a reason why the darkness runs from light
There’s a reason why we stand here now forgiven
Jesus is alive Read More

Please Pray for Walakitang Today…

I just had a phone call with Pastor Earl who is the National Director of Verbo Church and the regional covering over Pastor Victor in Walakitang.  It sounds like there is an “outbreak” of the Crazy Sickness again in Walakitang and it has been going on for almost two weeks now.  The possessed people have been terrorizing the community and have once again ripped the wooden walls down at the church.  There was apparently a day where things were down to only three people possessed and Victor felt like it was passing by, but then the next day it had multiplied again.

“Pray against the ‘Crazy Sickness’ and that the person bringing this the evil into Walakitang to be revealed TODAY!”

     Victor has been fasting for 11 days and Earl feels like the weight of all the Spiritual darkness is burdening him heavily. Read More

Club Esperanza: Semana Espiritual and a new church!


This past week was focused on the spiritual formation of all of the children the Lord has put into our hands at Club Esperanza.  The Bible verse for the week was Colossians 1:16 “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him”.  Even at their young ages we want to encourage all of them in the things of God.  We want them to know they are created by God, they are loved by God, and that God has a special purpose for each of their lives.

Will you please join us in praying for all of them at least once a week.  We want to see all of God’s good things in their lives…so we ASK God for that!  Amen. Read More

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