Casa Havilah & Robles: Renovating with Westside…


Many of you who read our blog or who have visited us here in Nicaragua would know Landon and Jamie Baron.  They left their life in Oregon almost two years ago to come to Nicaragua and serve as missionaries, with an emphasis on Ruby Ranch.  They are an awesome couple, great friends, Jesus lovers and expecting their first baby!  Wooooohoooo!  Ok that was a side note, on to the blog post…their church Westside came down last week with a missions team! The group felt a really special calling for this trip to bless the rescue homes and all the kiddos that live there, so they spent the week renovating and doing home improvement projects at each of the houses…

At Casa Robles the majority of the work was done on the front porch area.  The sun has beaten the paint of that area into a faded mess of ugly over the past few years, so the folks from Westside made it pretty again!  Amen.  Not limited to painting, the team also got power tools out and built custom shelving to organize the storage area of the house. As we all know storage areas are universally just one big mess LOL…Not anymore!

Casa Havilah became a complete overhaul of painting inside and out.  There is some serious bonding that goes on when the team and the girls are painting together in sweltering heat and trying to laugh their way through it!  We really really are blessed to have friends and churches so willing to come down to sweat and work to keep these homes running and beautiful.  That picture at the top is after a day out at Ruby Ranch with both of the homes.  I think I had so much fun playing soccer, volleyball, and water sliding that I never took any pictures while were were there.  What I know is, that all of these kids that we love so very much had a great time, and that is awesome!

We always appreciate your prayers for Casa Robles and Casa Havilah.   Will you please pray for everyone by name…MariaElena, Pamela, Naydelin, Nateli, Alyson, Saxskia, Sarai, Denis, Heyler & Freder….thank you!

Because Westside is an awesome church filled with awesome people, they went even beyond their work at Robles and Havilah.  On one special day they delivered personalized Bibles to every child at school in Club Cristiana La Esperanza!  When it comes to missions trips, this was certainly the “mic drop” moment! 🙂  I will end this blog now, mostly to spare the world any more of my trying to be cool in my posting!

We do love the Word of God.  We love that it penetrates individual hearts and nourishes a deeper understanding of God.  We love that salvation comes through the Word.  That is our prayer for each of those Bibles!  Amen.

Walakitang: Rebuilding the Church

IMG_7375We met with Pastor Victor and two church leaders in Managua this past week.  We had a great time discussing some of the great things happening there.  They recently had a teaching seminar on Biblical training, which is a great blessing for the pastors along the river.  It is so remote that getting good training is not always available to them.  Also, as the churches along the river grow under Victor’s leadership they have developed a “reunion de consejadores” (meeting of counsel) that gathers in different villages monthly to keep each accountable and give support in a variety of different needs that arise.  It was very encouraging to hear from them directly about how things are going with the church!

You may remember last spring when we posted about the outbreak of the “Crisi Siknis“.  It was an intense time in Walakitang.  You may remember our update as well.  After the prayers of many all over the world, that darkness was pushed back almost immediately in the name of Jesus!  We were able to catch up with Victor to hear more about the stories.  It was intense to hear about; family members digging up witchcraft jars buried under their homes, the witch doctor claiming victory, praying for specific church members whose family was affected, and then all of the destruction.  You may also remember the church building being ripped apart in the outbreak.

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”  – Jesus (Mt.16:18)

Well, in meeting with Victor we felt led by the Lord, that now is the time to rebuild the church building in Walakitang.  But this time with a concrete foundation and concrete walls.  It has been a long time dream to have a building with a solid foundation in Walakitang for the church to meet in.  The church has been making blocks there and already have nearly 1,000 made!  In the pictures below you can see the destruction.

We have a goal to raise $15,000 to rebuild the church in Walakitang.

Will you please pray for this project?  And if you would like to give towards the construction or can pass this story on to others who may want to help, it would be an incredible blessing to the people in Walakitang!  I know I speak for Pastor Victor and all  of the church members to say thank you for your prayers and your support.

Click here for giving information, just note “Walakitang” on your donation.

Thank you and God Bless from Nicaragua!

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Summer Fun: Big news at Casa Robles!


Andrews and Angel have been a part of our extended family at Casa Robles for almost their entire lives.  Angelica and Yuri are affectionately their Mama and Papa here in Nicaragua.  We are all part of their family too, they call me Tio Chachi and know us all as part of their family.  Well, over this last year their family has extended even more with the Cloud family.  The Clouds have been involved in ministry with us for a number of years now and always loved all the boys at Robles.  Last year they began to feel the Lord asking them to give these boys a chance to live in the United States, go to school there, and be part of their family.  Over the last year the Lord worked out details for Angel and Andrews to be the ones to make this journey.  It was a bit of a “long suffering” process as we needed to have patience throughout the detailed process and let the Lord work things out in His perfect timing.

That perfect timing was evidenced in what happened a week and a half ago.  Over the past year we had gotten things in order in Nicaragua and on the U.S. side.  The boys biological parents were on board.  Our family, Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri were all excited about what this opportunity with the Clouds was going to bring to their lives.  The Clouds had made exciting preparations for the boys and were overjoyed to invite them into their home and their family in Florida.


We had things as prepared as we could, but expected set backs.  We didn’t realize how quickly God would work.  The Clouds got here on a Saturday.  We had Nicaraguan visa appointments.  Then we had the big appointments at the embassy for the boys Student visas.  There were lots of documents to sign and things to have in order.  There was so much that could go sideways…but everything went perfectly and all of a sudden the boys were “leaving on a jet plane” by the next Saturday!!!  It was such an amazing thing to be a part of…..definitely an awesome part of our “Summer Fun”!

We are so excited to see what God is going to do for Angel and Andrews in the years to come.  They are going to become bilingual, they are going to get a great education, their entire worldview is going to change.  Even better they are going to continue to be loved and cared for as a part of God’s beautiful extended family!  And the excitement of what they will become in the future is so exciting!  We are praying for God to continue to grow them into young men of God.  That they would be know as “Oaks of Righteousness”… “Robles de Justicia”, as it says in Isaiah 61.  We pray they will become young men who will affect the future of Nicaragua and the world!  Amen.


You can see in some of those pictures above that Angel and Andrew got there first test at language when they all went through Immigration together.  Then they got to fly on a plane for the first time.  Then the flight crew was so nice to them and the Pilot actually let them sit in the cockpit….they got their wings!

Please keep Angel, Andrews and the Clouds in your prayers this year!


We also ask for your continued prayers for Denis, Heyler and Freder from Casa Robles as they continue their schooling here in Nicaragua.  They are gonna miss their Casa Robles brothers but are also excited for Andrews and Angel.  We hope and pray the Lord will do amazing thing in these boys lives as well…and any others the Lord would bring into our care.  Praise God for the good things he is doing at Casa Robles!

If you would like to donate to help Casa Robles you can do so here.

God Bless from Nicaragua!!!

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Summer Fun: Tallahassee Crew


Mrs. Mary Register brought a crew down from Canopy Roads Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL. this summer to work with Open Hearts.  The agenda was packed with a remodeling project in Los Brasiles, a couple of Vacation Bible School events in Los Cedros and Monte Fresco and a trip out to Ruby Ranch to help finish planting trees on Chapel Hill.

Out in Los Brasiles it was makeover time for one of the classrooms at Club Los Brasiles.  Painting walls….and painting floors?!?  It had to be done, it was actually sealing the tiles and as funny as it was, it was a huge help! 🙂  Then, shopping for new books and stocking the shelves for the children when they got back from summer vacation.

For many years now, Mrs. Mary has been hosting summer VBS events in Los Cedros and Monte Fresco and this year the team returned to lots of smiling faces and kids ready to go for a day of fun learning about Jesus.  There was a miscommunication in one of the towns and the kids weren’t there in the morning, but a quick walk through the neighborhood and all of a sudden it was a packed house!  These types of days impact the children and their memories for years to come.  It is really really fun.

Then on a day that the crew had some extra time, they decided to make the most of it and volunteered to head out to Ruby Ranch and help finish planting rows of trees to give shade up on Chapel Hill.

Thanks so much to Canopy Roads and all of your all’s help!  We loved having you down and loved the times we got to spend in the Lord’s presence together.  Praying together at Miss Ruby’s house was such a good time too!  God Bless!


Thank you also to everyone who has been reading our “Summer Fun” blogs.  We are so grateful for your support and your covering of prayers!  We may not get every single event out on our blog but hope you enjoy reading what we do post.

God bless the end of your summer!

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Summer Fun: …Family Fun!

Coburn, Melissa and all the Murray cousins came to Nicaragua….FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!  And Aunt Ebi was here too!  The summer can be a busy time with lots going on, lots of great Jesus glorifying things!  But, probably the best part is that we get to have family fun together in the middle of it all!

We got to enjoy time with the Murrays all summer long while they were hosting summer teams.  It was COUSIN TIME from sun up to sun down.  Most days started with Papa blowing his shofar at 7a.m. and all the grandkids from all over the farm yelling Alleluia.  And then it was “can I go see Cobbie?”  “Can I go to the rancho and see Adelyn?” “Can we go to Aunt Lala’s house?”.  Oh it was so much fun, and we know for sure that this type of time together is a real gift from God.  These are times we will all remember forever, especially our kids.  Running barefoot all over Quinta Havilah and having their Papa laugh at all his “free range” grandkids.  We celebrated Mother’s Day with Gramma, a few summer birthdays, and we even snuck in a birthday party for Lilah even though she isn’t quite 1 years old yet 🙂  It was soooooo fun!  Aunt Ebi was able to come down early in the summer from Raleigh too.  She was hosting and coordinating the medical team from Florida State University.  So, all the cousins got to tackle her when she came home every day after clinics…ok maybe not literally tackle her 🙂

We just had to include our family fun in these Summer Fun blogs.  It really was a special time to spend together!  Thank you Jesus!  We do so appreciate your prayers and support for all of us and our big ol’ family.  Here are some photos of the crazy little ones…


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Summer Fun: On Mission for Nicaragua…

Our friends Hilary & Jack Snook, their family and a bunch of friends from Georgia came down this summer on “Mission for Nicaragua.”  They organized over the year under this banner and came down ready to Dominate for Jesus in any way that they could! They bought beds, visited churches, and loved on people all over the small rural town of Los Brasiles where Open Hearts has “Club Los Brasiles”.  This is a very impactful ministry center that Coburn and Melissa started years ago and keep operating, bringing all sorts of blessings to this rural area.  The Georgia folks were all in, and it was an awesome couple of weeks with people coming and going.  I loved hearing their stories in the evenings here at the Quinta, specifically one story where they were in a small little church service and the presence of God just began moving in people’s hearts and many were suddenly overwhelmed by God, tears in their eyes, worshiping our creator!

There was also time to go out to Ruby Ranch on a few camp days with kids from Los Brasiles!  This is always such a fun time…but of course this group of people were not just here for fun so they grabbed some shovels and go to work finishing some hard labor on the retaining walls surrounding the first dorm!  Dominate4Jesus#

Then to top things off, they visited Club Esperanza and walked with our teacher Henriette to visit with the children in our ministry who have special needs.  Henriette started “Junto por Inclusion” this past year and now cares for ten different families in the urban area surrounding Club Esperanza.  While visiting and praying for families they met Jason who is very severely handicapped and restricted to a wheel chair. His mom said he needed a new bed…so they bought him one.  Amen!

It was a great time with our Georgia friends…praise Jesus for all these good things!

If you would like to donate to Open Hearts you can do so here on our blog.  Thank you!

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Summer Fun: New Rancho at Club Esperanza!

Last week Illuminate Church from Celebration, Florida came down to Nicaragua with a team of awesome people ready to bless all the kids at Club Cristiano La Esperanza with a new Rancho!  This is going to be an outside study area with a cool temperature roof that will serve our High School tutoring program, giving them a place to gather and get their homework done.  It will also be a great gathering area for student birthday parties and other fun events…all the parents are already excited about swing piñatas from beams 🙂  Check out the progress of this awesome addition to Club Esperanza!

The team was not satisfied just letting the professionals do the “high wire” work on the rancho.  While we waited for the moments they needed extra hands, we got to work on other projects at the club.  We painted one of our preschool rooms, served lunch, weeded and weed whacked the gardens, swept, cleaned, mopped and built a new fence around the garden!  It was such a good week and Club Esperanza was so blessed by this trip!

It is so great to make this kind of progress on different projects at the Club!

Praise Jesus for a great week!!!  

The “Magnificant 7” up on Chapel Hill at Ruby Ranch!


If you would like to donate to Club Espernanza you can do so here on our blog, just note Club Espernaza on your check or paypal donation.  Thank you!

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