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This time of year we have a program where we build houses with groups of high schoolers from Miami.  Palmer Trinity School was working this week on their house and a local reporter from the National Newspaper stopped by.  They interviewed some of the students and came again the next day when we went to Club Esperanza.  Some of the students on the team are Nicaraguan and so the connection was even deeper.

Well, this morning their faces were on the front cover of the Nuevo Diario….   Read More

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God Bless from Nicaragua!


“Night To Shine” Nicaragua 2018


This video is my favorite and it captures the fun of the night so well!  We celebrated a “Noche de Gala” (Prom) with over three hundred people at Verbo Church here in Nicaragua last Friday night!  We had one hundred honored guests who were crowned Kings and Queens of the prom…it was an incredible night of fun for many kids who don’t always get to attend something like Prom.  In fact, I can say they have never had a night like last Friday before in their lives….dancing, red carpet, being crowned, an elegant dinner, photo booth…it was awesome!

You may remember last year when Krista and I had the incredible experience to get to attend Tim Tebow Foundation‘s Celebrity Golf Classic.  “Night to Shine” is an international event organized by the Tebow Foundation to have Prom for special needs young adults on the Friday before Valentines Day.  It is held at over 500 sites in 16 different countries!  This year we hosted it in Nicaragua and it’s happening was the fruit of our visit last year.  We had a chance to say hello to Tim Tebow at that event.  He said “How about ‘Night to Shine Nicaragua’?”  We said, “Wow, that would be awesome!  But you know there are lots of logistics to pull something like that off.”  His response, “I like logistics.”  And a year later…with lots of hard work from La Iglesia Cristiana Verbo, Tesoros de Dios, Club Cristiana La Esperanza, friends at the Tebow Foundation who love Nicaragua, and all of us here in Nicaragua with Open Hearts…Night to Shine happened for the first time in Nicaragua!  Amen!

004 001

The red carpet entrance to the event is certainly one of the most exciting parts of the night!  Every single honored guest got to do a walk of fame.  With paparazzi on either side and lots of cheering fans they each walked down the red carpet to enter the Prom.

This is what it felt like!!! Read More

First Day of School 2018!


Yesterday was the first day of School at Club Esperanza…it was lots of fun!  We were able to do a Facebook Live video and i attached it below…hope you have a chance to watch 🙂

This year we have Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Classes, Elementary School tutoring, High School Tutoring and our High School Scholarship Program.  Additionally we have Lacrosse The Nations Athletic Program, Music Class with Jordan, and Bible Study with Michael & Rocio Booth.  Every child also receives two meals a day, amen!  Much more will be going on as well with all these beautiful children and young people God put under our care this year.  We are praying for a blessed 2018!!!


We shared a blog recently with information about how you might support the school financially.  As you pray for us please consider this as well….

A $25 monthly donation supports one child for the year.  If 300 people committed, we could fund Club Esperanza for the year!  Amen!

Now, we do know that 300 people is probably everybody we know LOL!  So it might be a little unrealistic.  But with everyone we know, and everyone YOU know maybe we can get there?!?  So, please share our blog and help if you can…Thank you and God Bless from Nicaragua!

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Family Update: Fun trip home!


We have been back in Nicaragua for a few weeks now, but we wanted to share a little family update from our travels back to the U.S.  We went home to Miami for Christmas….it was so much fun to be home at Mema’s house!  It is such a blessing for our kids to get to be with all of their cousins who we really really miss all your round…and for Krista and I to see my siblings and their spouses whom we love dearly and miss year round too…plus my momma is my hero…so much fun!!!

We had so much fun together but I forgot to take pictures.  You would think with a house full of 10 kids there would be lots of fights and craziness, but it wasn’t that way.  Ok well maybe there was lots of craziness, but everyone just has so much fun together, non stop football and nerf guns, Read More

Financial Support…how to help in 2018?

We hope the year has turned over well for you and your family.  As 2018 kicks off we want share a huge way you can help our ministry financially this year.  Club Cristiana La Esperanza is one of our major ministry centers with Open Hearts Ministries.  We are able to have a large impact on so many families’ lives and we love that!  But to keep it operating we need partnerships from individuals and organizations.

The Club is a beacon of light in a community that is full of darkness, strife, and difficulty.  Everyday, 275 children come to Club Esperanza.  The Club is a day to day ministry center, and the children are our focus.  With everything centered around Jesus and God’s love for them, we provide early childhood and elementary education; middle school and high school tutoring;  and a feeding program with two meals a day for every child.  We also do a number of extracurricular activities like Bible study groups, Club for nursing and pregnant mothers, Lacrosse, Guitar class, outreach to children with special needs, art class, dance class and much more, if you can imagine!

Would you please consider supporting Club Esperanza in 2018?

A classroom of 30 students costs $750 a month to operate. 

We have 9 different classrooms set to operate for 2018.  If your church or organization or even you personally could help support a classroom, we would be incredibly blessed.  Our email address is …please email us with any questions or ways you can further be involved!  To donate by check click here or use the paypal link below to donate online.  (Also if an entire classroom is out of reach, a $25 monthly donation would fund one of our children at Club Esperanza, through paypal you can now do recurring monthly donations…thank you!)

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Thank you and God Bless You! Read More

Club Esperanza: Hearts, Hands & Smiles…


One of the things we love about Club Esperanza is that it is not only an education center and a feeding program.   It is a place where we can  serve the community in lots of different ways.  It is actually a sort of Basecamp for the light of Jesus to shine!

This past weekend while all of the children are still on vacation from school, our new friends from Hearts Hands and Smiles put together a dental clinic.   After they served the children in the community that needed attention, they opened the doors to serve anyone else who needed help.   Praise the Lord for that!  If you have ever personally had a tooth that needs work, you know what a huge blessing this weekend was.

Our staff at Club Esperanza had such a great time with them…and the clinic was a huge success!


Please email us if you ever have an interest in putting together a clinic or something similar that could bless the people here in Nicaragua!

And we appreciate your continued financial support that keeps Club Esperanza open.


This last picture is fun.  Some of you may remember Daniela who lived in Casa Havilah for a number of years when we first opened the home.  Well she came to the clinic with her cute little baby girl.  It was fun to get to see her.  God is good!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Thank you for all of the support you gave to our family over the last year…God is doing some great things in Nicaragua and we are looking forward to 2018 with excitement!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Farringtons

Below is our most recent newsletter…if you would like to support any of our ongoing ministries or our family click this link for donation information.  Thank you again! Contact us at for any other info.

17-12 Newsletter BW p1

17-12 Newsletter BW p2

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Club Esperanza: Vacation Bible School

24775097_10159657972250537_6251582260444055953_nThe school year ended in Nicaragua the last week of November and all of our kiddos at Club Esperanza are officially on “Summer Vacation”.  Yes I know it is December, but down here the nicest time of year is while it is winter time in the United States.  The rains have stopped, all the grass has not dried up yet for the dry season, and it occasionally drops below 70 degrees in the early morning!

Rocio and Mike Booth organized a Vacation Bible School for this first week of vacation for the kids in our tutoring program at Club Esperanza.  The Booths have been an incredible blessing to the Club this year investing in the Spiritual growth of our kids with Sunday Bible Studies, weekly devotionals, fun outings with our staff, basically functioning as the Chaplains at Club Esperanza, really an instrumental part of the Club!

Rocio has mad skills with children’s ministry and didn’t leave any of the kids disappointed.  Instead of being out in the streets and roaming around in a neighborhood that has so many risks, they all got to come to Club Esperanza on their vacation!  What was really fun for us too, is that our children are on vacation.  So, Krista went down to the Club everyday with our gang to help Rocio put together the fun!

You can imagine with Rocio and Krista in charge it was tons of fun!  I can’t think of a better way for the kids at Club Esperanza to learn that Jesus loves them, that God has specific plans for their future, that God’s presence is always there for them and that we have an eternity that awaits each and every one of us.  It was a great time, and as they finished there was a sweet time of prayer together.


Please keep all of these beautiful children in your prayers during their “Summer Vacation”.  It is festive time of year with Christmas celebrations, we just ask the Lord to keep each and every one of them safe!

If you would like to donate to Club Esperanza please do so here

Would you consider becoming a monthly donor through PayPal? (check the box on the link below)  To have your partnership for the entire year would be very helpful to keep Club Esperanza going, $25 a month, $50, $100…every bit helps!

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Ruby Ranch: Thankfulness…Motorcycle Update!


They call it “la machina” at the motorcycle dealer!  If you have checked in on our blog over the last couple months you will remember that we shared about a Go Fund Me to raise money for a new motorcycle for Henry who is the foreman at Ruby Ranch.  Well Praise Jesus last week Brinson delivered the beast to Henry and he was floored by everyone’s generosity!

There is a bit of a back story in getting to this point.  When the GoFundMe closed down we had not met the goal for the full purchase of the bike.  Brinson spoke with Henry about it and let him know what we would like to do for him.  After thinking about it for a couple days, Henry told Brinson he had sold two of his cows to make up the difference.  That was so awesome to hear him going “all in”.  So, Brinson started the purchase.

In the following days we received a couple of emails from friends asking how much was left on Henry’s motorcycle.  Your all’s generosity is sooooo awesome!  We got to full price of the motorcycle, and you can seeHenry’s emotion in these pictures below.  When Brinson gave him the keys, he also gave him the envelope with his cash that he had brought after selling his livestock!  Henry was shocked, so thankful!!!

Henry is such an instrumental part of Ruby Ranch growing.  This motorcycle is going to facilitate things in dozens of ways.  There is much to do out there with all of the future plans, it is an exciting time.  We are also so thankful to have been able to give Henry this huge blessing…from all of us!

Keep up with Ruby Ranch on the new website…

Thank You!


Club Esperanza: A Thanksgiving Thank You!!!


Wow what a response on the desks for the new school!  We want to tell you thank you times a million for the Thanksgiving blessing of the new desks for the re-opening of our school!  Your response was incredible, we ordered the desks and have had them delivered….Amen!  Our staff was so encouraged by the support for this small step in getting the school ready to re-open and it encourages all of us that the Lord will provide for all of the details to bless these children times a million.  So, as everyone in the United States was celebrating Thanksgiving this past week, please know that all of us down here in Nicaragua at Club Esperanza were having a celebration too!  Maybe we didn’t eat Turkey, but we might have celebrated with some gallo pinto and big smiles!

We do appreciate your continued prayers, specifically with the Ministry of Education.  We are doing all of this prep work to open for the 2018 school year.  As soon as we hear from them we will let you know…but our prayer is that they give us approval to re-open the school!

In the mean time the kiddos from our Early Childhood Education program have already started taking over the desks for their reading time…they fit perfectly 🙂

Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving from Club Esperanza!

Urgent Need: desks for the new school…


Can you help us buy desks as we re-open the school?  To be authorized by the Ministry of Education here in Nicaragua we need to have 54 desks (1st and 2nd grade size) for school next year.  Our deadline for authorization is the end of November…two weeks away!

Click here to buy a new desk for Ileana’s School at Club Esperanza!
Donate with PayPal

Each desk costs $22  (click here to donate by check)

We hope everyone can help.  Maybe you can donate one, maybe two, three…maybe your small group can donate a few?  It will be a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving by helping make opening the school next year possible!

This is Sefora and Kayla…two of the students who will benefit as we re-open the school!  You can see Kayla is a little small for the desks we have.  That is why the Ministry of Education is requiring us to purchase new smaller desks.  It is important that our students feet can touch the ground! 🙂  It was not in our anticipated budget and we were not expecting to be required to have new desks for authorization.  Combined with the hard cut off date, you can see why this is urgent.

We appreciate any help you can give…praying for 54 desks!  Amen.

Thank you!

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