A quote from Aliyah…

So my 5 year old was running down the differences between boys and girls yesterday.  She said “boys are on the computer and girls watch TV a little, boys are on the computer ALOT like you Daddy”.  Oh the great wisdom of a child.

That is something I need to think about as we are preparing as a ministry to do 21 days of fasting starting tomorrow.  We are going to be combining fasting from food, Daniel type fasts and fasting from things for the next 21 days.

I would be lying to say I am always doing important things on the computer.  The fact that my five year old daughter indentifies me as being on ALOT and then says all boys are like that, makes me kind of sad.  Too much checking the news, too much checking on my favorite teams, too much checking the surf forecast, too much facebook browsing…..and the list goes on.

The Lord has challenged me, thank you Aliyah.  These next 21 days will be much more disciplined.  I love children.








Aliyah on our recent visit to Miami….acting like a big girl 🙂

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