Casa Robles & Havilah: Luz, Kener & Luisa

Please pray for these three.  Their mother Faviola is considering taking them out of Havilah & Robles.  This has been ongoing and after every vacation this seems to happen.  She is unemployed and very unstable.  Her mother and sisters are trying to convince her to have the children come back this weekend.

This is the hard part.

We love them dearly and they have been with us for nearly three years.  It will be heartbreaking not to have them come back.  I really can’t imagine Casa Robles without Luisa.  So please pray.

Pray for the Luz, Kener & Luisa.  Lord I ask you to take care of them, reach in and guide this time Lord, we trust you to do what is good.   Amen.

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