Time to dye the Easter Eggs…

…we had fun this afternoon dyeing the Easter eggs with Krista’s family.  Mason and Aliyah were really into it along with their aunts and uncles.  Isabella just wandered around and at one point I noticed her riding the fake turtles in Gramma’s garden.  When we finished we wondered what to do with all the left over dye….anyone have an fun and creative suggestions that you do???  This year we just decided to dye Mason with the extra dye! 🙂

Krista’s brother Moses did a self portrait for one of his eggs….it even had the same color shirt on!!!  Mosey had me crackin’ up.  Tomorrow is an exciting day for Moses, he is going to be baptized!!!  He recently talked with his mom and dad and told them that he had decided he would like to be baptized.  Pretty awesome…really exciting!  I can’t think of a greater way to celebrate Easter.  Pray for the presence of God to be there and impact his young life in a powerful way during his baptism…God has great things for Moses!

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