God is dead…reflection on Holy Saturday

As this Easter weekend comes around I often reflect on this Friday and Saturday about a book that I read in Seminary “Between the Cross & the Resurrection” by Allen E. Lewis, which is about the Saturday that falls between Christ’s death and his resurrection.  As thinkers and philosophers peddle and meddle in thought, it is interesting to read their views on what to do with Jesus Christ.   How they fit Him into what they are thinking about or philosophizing about.  Occasionally you come across more well known thinkers like Nietzsche who famously declare “God is dead.”  Even to write those words pricks my heart because I know God to not just be alive but to be powerfully alive.

So back to that book…about that day in between.  The day for the disciples that as the quote goes God was in fact dead.  They knew Jesus, knew him to be Lord, Messiah, healer, miracle worker, great teacher, God….he was their savior and friend…and on this day they saw him butchered and hung to die with thieves.  My reflections always go to my doubts.  I feel like these days are the doubter’s days.  Personally, I believe but often I question and at times doubt.  I hope, but times come when I feel like I’ve lost hope.  This day brings me solace.

Can you imagine the doubts, the disbelief, the loss of hope the disciples felt on this day?  I try to.  I try to think of all of my personal doubts and hurts and hopeless moments and I try to think on them on this day.  You know why?  Because as the loudness of my concerns crescendo so does this weekend crescendo….and so comes that Sunday.  JESUS IS ALIVE!  The resurrection…..THE RESURRECTION!!!!  The disciples darkest moment, deepest doubt, most hopeless moment was shattered by the glory of this Sunday.

For me, the power of Jesus Christ rising from the dead is multiplied a thousand fold in light of all of my concerns and doubts.  In light of my concerns and doubts His Resurrection is all the more amazing!  Holy Sunday is made all the more amazing for me in light of my reflections on this Good Friday & Holy Saturday.  Jesus is Alive!

….and “Sunday is coming” as this video a friend sent to us communicates so well…

We hope that God blesses all of you this weekend and shows Himself to be a miraculous and mighty God to you personally!!!  Amen.

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