An Abstract Depiction of God’s purposes…

…this song by Caedmon’s call called “The Danse” is a beautiful depiction of who we are as Christians and how we are moving on this Earth.  I love the depiction of all of us being in a beautiful movement in rhythm with God’s purposes….we are in the rhythm of a danse that is the most fulfilling place we can be.  To stay in that danse is a challenge.  To stay in God’s purposes is like trying to stay in the rhythm of a beautiful danse.

One of the most beautiful artistic displays is a theatrical danse where hundreds of people are moving in the same motion, to the same rythm, communicating a story.  At the same time hearts and minds are being stirred by their movements.  Our life is a danse and it has the potential to communicate the greatest story of the all.  I pray that I can keep my steps in line so that hearts and minds are moved to a place where they come to know our God.

The Danse

 All creation moves in a cosmic Danse
Before the Lord her King
And the rhythms, the reason, the rhyme
Of the danse pulses within everything
And the universe wheels and whirls like
A dervish in perfect seven-step time.
The Lord made the Danse,
He taught her the steps, and He
Causes the songs to shine.

We must danse, danse, danse
Danse in God’s honor.
We must yield all of our steps unto the King
We must danse, danse, danse
Danse in God’s honor.
Let His praises ring throughout the earth.

Adam and Eve dansed in Eden’s environs
Early’in earth’s morning air
They named all the animals musical names
Glorious potentiality shared.
But Lusifer sang out a serpentine song
And he offered death’s danse as a token.
In pausing to listen, Adam missed his step
Earth’s harmony in the danse broken.

Jesus dansed into the world.
Singing his heavenly song.
He taught the danse to those who would
Listen and learn as He moved along.
But the stpes of His danse led to a cross
Where He died as the haters mocked on.
But he dansed through death’s arms
And over hell’s gate and in three days
Dansed forth from his tomb.  

it looks like you can dowload the song here…i didn’t try

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