Pretty funny!….Chris on the O’reilly Factor….

…ok not really on the O’reilly factor, but an email….same difference right?!?! 🙂

We were up the Rio Coco and I used the sat phone mid week to call home and check in and let everyone know we were doing well.  We had a laugh when Krista told me O’reilly had read an email I wrote on the show the night before!  So crazy!  We had some friends in Colorado post it to Youtube, here is the link…it is not fake, I promise 🙂 hahahahah

Here is a picture too that a friend sent of a screen shot from Florida.  

So, I had randomly been watch O’reilly a couple weeks ago and caught Dennis Miller and O’reilly and it was hysterical.  He asked for international emails and I was sitting at the computer so I shot one off.  I like O’reilly for sure, but don’t email him often at all….so this was pretty crazy to see this pop up!

It made for a good laugh for Krista and the kids….her crazy husband spoutin’ off all over the place…even on the rio 🙂  I am just surprised he didn’t like the idea of bringing there show to Nicaragua!  What gives right?!??!

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