Birthday Party….Birthday Party!!!

   We’ve had a couple of birthday parties at Casa Robles.  Little Angel’s birthday was actually a couple of months ago but because of all the craziness of the summer we kept having to delay the party….but we finally got to celebrate two weeks ago.  His piñata turned into a costume for everyone….it made for lots of laughs!

Here is a sweet picture of Angel with his big sister Sophia who lives at Casa Havilah….to the right is Vanessa & Katherine actin’ crazy with Fred Flinston’s piñata head!

Kener turned 7 this week and we celebrated his birthday on Friday.  Here he is with his little sister Luisa who lives with him at Casa Robles.  Kener has made huge steps this year in school and is really doing well….please keep praying him by name and for all the children at Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.


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