Casa Robles: Andrew’s health situation

Many of you know little Andrew from Casa Robles.  Well he has had a growth on his inner leg since coming to the home.  A couple weeks ago, Angelica went to the pediatric specialist because it had been growing.  After exam, ultrasounds, and then a visit to an oncologist specializing in children’s tumors it was determined that it was a tumor, a lipoma.

My initial scare was that it was lymphoma because of Spanish translation confusion, but as anyone reading who knows medicine would know a lipoma is a fatty tumor, not necessarily lymphoma.  Relief.  My understanding is there is only a very small chance it would be cancerous.  But the oncologist has recommended surgery.  Because of the tumors proximity to Andrew’s femoral artery, because it is growing, and because it hinders Andrew’s ability to walk normally he feels it should be removed.

We definitely first began praying for Andrew and have not stopped.  We believe God can heal him, make a tumor disappear! Do you? Will you pray? Pray now please for healing!

Something pretty awesome happened in the week after we got the news.  We had communicated amongst our ministry team here about Andrew but were still waiting to communicate to everyone because all the things weren’t totally clear…but we were praying.  A team from The Journey Church in Murray, KY was here and at one point heard about Andrew’s situation.  They joined us praying for Andrew.

At the end of their trip, unknown to us, they decided they wanted to give to help with Andrew’s surgery.  Their extra team money wasn’t enough, so they sat there together and emptied their pockets personally and came up with the $1,200 it is going to cost to pay for Andrew’s surgery! (they even asked a visiting dentist to pitch in for the final $20! Awesome!).  Honestly it was an emotional moment when they walked over to Angelica on the last day to tell what they had done and to pray again for Andrew.  Praise Jesus!!!!

Our plan is to have surgery in the coming weeks.  Please keep praying for Andrew!!!  What a great testimony!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if the doctors go to start surgery and the tumor is gone!!!  Keep praying!  We love Jesus!

Thank you so much Journey Church.

Angel Update:  We are still waiting on God with Angel.  We haven’t heard from the mom, it has been two weeks.  We are asking God what is the right step from here.  We are fasting and praying constantly and it is still very difficult for Angelica & Yuri and all of us, the tears still hit the floor.  We are asking God for the miracle of bringing Angel home, back out of the darkness.  Thank you for keeping on praying for Angel!!!

It has been a rough go at Robles this last month….God is faithful!  We put our trust in Him!  Even if our trust is exhausted, wounded and filled with feelings of failure, we trust and hope in our God!  Amen.

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