Casa Robles: Please pray for Angel…

Last Wednesday was Mother’s Day here in Nicaragua.  All of the kids from Casa Robles went to visit their mother’s.  It was a great chance for them to spend some time with their mom’s who they miss.  The idea was to be able to pick them up the following day.

Well when Angelica and Yuri went to pick him up, his mother suddenly didn’t want him to come back.  We met the next day with Anielka (his mom) to see his status.  Talking about finishing the year and the activities we have coming up gave her some perspective, as well as talking about the opportunities he has at Robles…it seemed to convince her.  But, there was a lot of pressure on her from Angel’s stepfather and his family whom they live with.     It was a very oppressive meeting.  It was overwhelming.

She decided she wanted to keep him.

Now, we are hoping and praying for Anielka to have a moment with no pressure from her boyfriends family and call us to return Angel to finish the year.   We are asking for God to do this during this week.

The most difficult thing is we know there is abuse at this house.  He is not in a safe place.  This is not the right decision for him.

So please please please pray for God to make a way for Angel…please.

That God’s Angel’s would protect him.

That Satan would be bound in that dark place.

That his mom would hear from the Lord directly.

Thank you.

This is especially difficult since Angel has been with us over four years.  He is only six.  Angelica and Yuri have taught him how to tie his shoes, get dressed, eat by himself, read, everything….these are the moments where it is most difficult to trust God, wondering why this is happening…but we trust God.  Amen.

4 Comments on “Casa Robles: Please pray for Angel…

  1. Praying for Angle, that he will be covered during his time in his mothers home an that God will speak loud and clear to his mother to let him return to Casa Robles.

  2. Praying for Angel and Andrew- thanks so much for the updates. Did she keep Sofia too??

    • Hi Lily…thanks for your great photos we get to use! She did say she was going to take Sophia. But she hasn’t come by. So we are hoping not. We are worried more for Andrew since he is alone, but don’t want Sophia in that situation either…it is a very tough situation…thank you for praying!!!!

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