Christmas Party with Casa Havilah and Casa Robles…

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There aren’t many things to do that are more fun than seeing the look on a child’s face when they see the big Christmas tree and all the presents under the tree…then when they realize their name is on one of them, Priceless!  We had all the girls from Casa Havilah and boys from Casa Robles over for a Christmas Party!  It was so much fun….Krista said later how she had a blast handing out all the presents to all the kids, it was like a rush of fun and joy.  Then when she went back to them with a second present and their little faces lit up with the surprised look of “for me?!?”, those are moments that move you!

IMG_4639 IMG_4595

Papa Mike put on his chef hat and made Pizza in the oven for everyone, so we got to have a huge meal together as one big family.  God really has done something in all of our lives, that when we are together, it does feel like one big family.  Hopey led us in an Oreo cookie game where you put it on your face and try to wiggle it into your mouth with no hands…fun photos from that one!  The Havilah girls did a special dance, Marcos and Andrew did some break dancing, and our girls did a dance too.  Then it was present time!

IMG_4616 IMG_4604 IMG_4627 IMG_4623

While the Havilah girls were dancing and I was standing off to the side, I had a moment of reflection.  If you walked in you would think this was just a giant family gathering for Christmas.  All the children and parents around laughing, eating and carrying on.  Sure the adults are a bit outnumbered!  But what you would have no clue of, is the difficulty and darkness each of these children has come out of.  God has allowed us to be a part of something special that is changing the future and giving hope.  That is why we celebrate this time of year.  God sent his Son, changed the future and gave us all hope!  So as I sat there and watched I had a moment with my Lord and whispered a little Amen.

IMG_4650 IMG_4645  IMG_4644 IMG_4648

After present time, you know what we did?  Brinson led the charge and all the kids followed into the pool for a crazy night time swim!  Certainly a first for most of them!

Merry Christmas from all of us!!!

Thank you for your prayers!  Please pray for all of the children; Marcos, Freder, Heyler, Denis, Angel and Andrew; Katherin, Maykelin, Maria Elena, Jaquelin, Pamela, Sofia, Ashley, Naydelin.  They will all be going home at one point over the next two months to visit their families.  This is great for them emotionally, but there are risks of course.  It is an important time so please be in prayer for their protection and also for their time with their families.  Thank you again!

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