Photos from Colegio Esperanza Graduation…

IMG_4567   IMG_4535

The graduation was a very emotional one, but also a great celebration.  To see that last class pass through and receive their diplomas and hear parents give thanks with words of appreciation was very encouraging…praise God for all he did at Colegio Esperanza over the last 12 years!  We look forward to opening Club Esperanza this coming year and continuing to see God move and change lives of the children from La Chureca!

The cutest graduates from Esperanza Preschool were Elizabeth and Melissa, whom some of you surely have met.  No not Krista’s sisters, but their namesakes from La Chureca.  They are twins and seven years ago their mother Vilma named them after Elizabeth and Melissa.  Krista’s mom Sue and Elizabeth got the honor of escorting them in.

IMG_4529       IMG_4566

Massiel who used to live at Havilah also graduated.  It was really exciting to see her doing well and that she made the efforts to work hard at her schooling and graduate!

IMG_4571       IMG_4569

A couple of mothers that we know pretty well saw their sons graduate from sixth grade.  But what stood our for Erling (above left) and Anthony (on the right of the above picture) is that they were the last of their siblings to go through Colegio Esperanza.  Erling is one of four and Anthony one of five.  These mothers have seen all of their children graduate from Colegio Esperanza.  I think that is Pretty Awesome!

IMG_4538 IMG_4544

Some of the graduates put together a special dance for all of their classmates.  It was really well done and the girls looked so cute in their folkloric dress.  Aliyah and her aunts also did a special dance for the celebrations which really rocked the place…it was a really upbeat song and all about Jesus so everyone was moving and clapping…it was awesome!

IMG_4552 IMG_4550

Please keep Club Esperanza in your prayers for this coming year!  We need to assemble a staff for the preschool and tutoring programs.  Even more important is that it looks like we are going to need start building on the new land sooner than we thought because all of the people are being moved out of La Chureca in the next few weeks.  We need God’s direction and his hand to guild all of the details!  Amen.

If you would like to help financially in any way please click the “How to Donate” tab above

Thank you for your prayers and support over the last 12 years!!!

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