Update on La Chureca…new location

Thank you all for praying for us down here during this very difficult past week.  The Lord has provided us with a new location, just in time and in a very encouraging way for us.  I have updated the previous post with pictures of the demolition of our school.  That was sad and difficult for all!  Here is the story of how we will move forward.


   We first wrote and asked for prayer last week when we learned we needed to move earliere than we thought.  We didn’t know then the government would betray us and offer us nothing in compensation for our school, they were still leading us on.  But praise God we went looking for a place to start the year with Club Cristiano La Esperanza.

   We searched and looked at a location far from La Chureca, then we looked at house rentals, then just drove around and came upon an abandoned Clinic/Ministry Center.  We called on this one because the location was perfect, right at the entrance to the new community.  The guard gave us the number of the owner.  Disappointingly he wanted to rent for $1,500 a month, but he really wanted to sell and was asking for $150,000.  We kept looking because that was too far out of the picture to consider.

   The next day Sheyla and our staff went looking but kept passing this Clinic.  Finally they decided to call and explain our situation and ask the owner for lower rent.  The lowest the owner would go was $900 a month.  We started to consider that, but then he added that he had exaggerated his asking price and would sell for $75,000!  (yes quite an exaggeration…like half!) He also said he would apply rent towards the purchase.  Wow!

   There was a real Holy Spirit excitement among all of us, it almost felt like God was presenting this place to us.  So the next day after much prayer and all of your prayers, we knew what we had to do.  We took the step of faith.  We signed the contract with owner and began preparing for the beginning of the school year!  Just in time…perfect!

   As you now know, two days later we were told to tear down the school by the government and get out of there.  We are starting at zero and trusting the Lord.  Here are some pictures of our new location.  Please keep praying for the work God will be doing at the Club.

We have $73,400 left to raise.  Please help if you can and pass the word…thank you!!!  Every bit helps…God is providing!!!


   On a quick note, before even spreading word about opening we have had nearly 80 students sign up for preschool/kindergarden and over 200 sign up for the tutoring program!  Sheyla (our director) said that she was surprised that many of the new children from the surrounding neighborhood were not Christians.  That actually got her and our staff very excited….God is doing something bigger than educating and feeding.  Amen!

IMG_5387 IMG_5394 IMG-20130129-00065 IMG_5397 IMG-20130129-00044 IMG-20130129-00058 IMG_5388 IMG_5396

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