Please pray for us today…ministry in la chureca UPDATED: demo photos

IMG_5457Honestly I wanna start a riot, I wanna raise up the pueblo and start a protest…they would join us!!!  But our Lord is sovereign and in control.  He will fight our battles.  Today after trusting in the Government here with good faith that they wouldn’t hang us out to dry with the school, they did….and at the last minute.

Today they told us we have to move by Friday and they aren’t going to compensate us for anything, they are going to destroy our school….God’s school.

God is moving and I will share more in the next couple days about the future with Club Esperanza….really God is moving….we are having to go forward on faith….God has provided a place and we are setting up to begin with preschool, feeding program, scholarship program, tutoring, Lacrosse, and more….more to come on that.

But the blow of today was hard to take, we have nothing and are getting nothing for the school…no help.  I guess we shouldn’t trust in governments 🙂  We don’t.

Please pray for us.

My father in law Michael Buzbee said it well in two posts:

“King Pharaoh is ALIVE and WELL! After serving 12 years in the dump of Managua, giving the children a free education, feeding them and attending to their medical needs, the Government has NOW told us we have to vacate our building Friday and they will NOT compensate us for anything. Is is time to send in the PLAGUES? We may organize the community to help with a STRIKE, BLOCK the roads, etc. This is something the dump community is very good at.
‘And all of Egypt was afflicted with flies….but still Pharaoh was stubborn….'”

“Update from Pharaoh and his Chariots… We are getting some junk dealers to give us a price on demolishing to buy. The issue is that we were to be compensated for it all, like the REST of the community in the dump. Since they love the Christian School so much, they decided to TAKE IT FROM US. Six class rooms, huge walls, dinning hall, two offices, 4 bathrooms, etc… All poured block and mortar invested with much LOVE from hundreds of teams and donors.

Like Jesus said, “You go tell that SLY FOX…..” Sue, I and the gang headed down to help clean the new building. Chachi and Sheyla have been working their ‘arses’ off for three days to solve this.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and kind words. michael”



IMG_5586 IMG_5584 IMG_5582 IMG_5559 IMG_5542 IMG_5539 IMG_5534 IMG_5528 IMG_5510 IMG_5505 IMG_5503 IMG_5499 IMG_5490 IMG_5484 IMG_5481 IMG_5472 IMG_5457 IMG_5448 IMG_5442 IMG_5438 IMG-20130131-00068 IMG-20130131-00071 IMG-20130131-00075 IMG-20130131-00069

UPDATE II:  Some more recent photos of the demolition.

IMG_5587 IMG_5610 IMG_5615 IMG_5617 IMG_5618 IMG_5623 IMG_5619 IMG_5628

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