What is that???

IMG_5832Yep, it is a cake….why does it look like a bowling ball fell on it?  Well, let us reintroduce you to Jaqueline from Casa Havilah 🙂

IMG_5834Jacki had her birthday this week and Mamma Jenny prepared a small dinner for her.  I took Aliyah over with Brinson and the Buzbee girls.  In the tradition of all traditions, after singing Happy Birthday (in English with a Spanish accent) these girls love to start yelling “Que la muerda, Que la muerda”….”take a bite, take a bite”.  Then when the Birthday Girl or Boy goes to take a bite off the edge….well, a bunch of little hands reach out and you can see from the above pictures the results!!!

IMG_5826 IMG_5828

 Jaqueline really is an awesome young lady, she has a very kind and happy spirit about her.  Just turning 13 and in her first year of High School, she is at that stage now in life where the Lord could really get a hold of her and turn her down a road that will lead to a great and prosperous future.  That is our prayer for her, will you please join in that prayer…Amen.

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