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IMG_5835   Many of you will remember Luisa & Kener, they are brother and sister who used to live at Casa Robles.  Luisa was less than two years old and Kener not much older when they came to live at Casa Robles.  We had them for most of their life, but last year their mother  decided she wanted to take them back.  Things were not great at home, but she wanted to take them back.  It was a very difficult thing, especially knowing their situation.  But she was the mom and we had to respect her.  That was last year.

As this year started we knew we had two spots open in Casa Robles.  January is the time of year where we are able to add children.  But this year with all of the things happening with Colegio Esperanza and La Chureca (the dump), we knew we wouldn’t be able to give the right amount of attention to transition two new boys into the home.  We just weren’t able to add anyone new, and we knew it….another hard decision, but it was the right one to make.

And the Lord showed us why it was the right decision.  Just last week, totally out of the blue, Kener & Luisa’s mom called.  The year had been very difficult for her, her children were suffering and not doing well, she asked if Kener & Luisa could come back to Casa Robles.  Well, Praise Jesus, we had two spots open for them!

They came back this weekend, and everyone was soooo excited to have them back!  Especially Momma Angelica, she has raised Luisa and has a great love for her.  All the boys were excited too.  They were able to register late for school and started yesterday.  They are already right back into the flow of things….Luisa loves to have her room back 🙂

       IMG_5842                IMG_5840

Will you please pray for this time with both of them.  God obviously has a plan for their lives.  We appreciate your prayers for all of the children at Casa Robles!  Marcos, Freder, Heyler, Kener, Angel, Denis, Andrews & Luisa.  Thank You!

Praise God for this great news!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

-Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. So sad for a Mom not to be able to care for her own but so happy they were at Casa Robles and are now back in a safe and loving environment! I’m sure Momma Angelica is happy to have a little girl around again! In my prayers.

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