Casa Robles: ¡Feliz Dia de Madre!

Marcos who is the oldest at our boys home (Casa Robles) is in his first year of High School.  Mother’s Day is a huge event here in Nicaragua, it is in fact a National Holiday.  Marcos is not shy.  So for the “Dia De Madre” celebration at school, he rocked the house!  He wore a mariachi outfit and did a solo performance for all of the mothers!  It was awesome….he is such a character…little guy with a big heart!!!

IMG_6623 IMG_6624

All of the boys are going to visit home with their families this weekend.  Will you please pray for them?  This time is so important.  Life is hard for them and that is why they are at Casa Robles.  But they love their families.  Please ask the Lord to make this time at home safe and good for each one of them! 

Pray for Luisa & Kener, for Heyler & Andrews, for Marcos & Denis, for Freder and for Angel….thank you.

IMG_6632 IMG_6627 IMG_6629

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