Narrow Gate Summer Interns…

1012793_137781809760273_1019983728_nOver the past eight years we have held a summer “intern” program here in Nicaragua for individuals who want to come down to Nicaragua for an extended period of time.  We focus on serving in the missionary work with Open Hearts, but also spend time in study of different Christian topics, and just living together in community for five weeks.  We were happy to be able to do Narrow Gate again this summer.

We have had a great time hosting Emily & Kristen from North Carolina, Matthew from Kentucky and Jared & Alyssa from Florida.  Sadly it is coming to the end and we are just now getting to blog about it!  The reason is we kept trying to get a photo with all our family and all of them….impossible!

We still hope to get that photo, but wanted to share these photos and also link you to a couple of their blogs for more pictures and stories.  I know they would all appreciate all of your prayers for their last week here, you can imagine there will probably be some hard moments saying good-bye.

Check out Alyssa’s blog here.

Check out Jared’s blog here.

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Update:  finally got the picture on the last day 🙂  Hope you all have a great rest of your summer, thanks for serving down here this summer!  We hope the Lord continues to bless you and that your lives are filled with His presence where ever you go!


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