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Praise Jesus for Medical Missions…Praise Jesus for Christ Journey Church from Miami!

IMG_7126Things are cranking in a busy summer of awesome things down here in Nicaragua.  This week we have had a team of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and assistants serving with us in the different communities in and out of Managua.  Today they finished their last day in Los Cedros, they spend a day in La Chureca at the Club and two days up in the mountains in a small rural town called La Concha.  Praise Jesus….hundreds of people got medical and dental help, lots of medicines, and teeth pulled, and cavities filled….hundreds of people got prayed for!

Christ Journey is so special to us and has been a part of my life (Chris) since I got saved as an obnoxious teenager, and a part of our life together ever since we have been married and involved in missions.  We love having this time in Nicaragua!

And you know Christ Journey means alot to all of us down here….the Buzbees, the Barbers, the Murrays, and us Farringtons….we love you all and it is a great blessing to serve God’s people together here and all over the world!

I brought my camera one day, and the battery died after four pictures…I am having photo taking issues this summer!  But please check out the Christ Journey Missions Blog to read more about their trip.

IMG_7124 IMG_7121

Over the last two days the Lord has encouraged me greatly with a song called “After all, You are Holy” by David Crowder Band……I love Jesus!

heaven and earth are filled, filled with your glory, your glory
my soul it overflows all of your glory, your glory
blessed is He who reigns all of your glory, your glory
my cup it can’t contain all of your glory, your glory
Hosanna we are found!
after all, you are HOLY!


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