Happy Labor Day Weekend!

IMG_1395We hope all of you back home in the USA are having a great time over the long weekend.  Labor Day translates as  “the beginning of college football season” right?!?!  A great reason for a vacation!

Here in Nicaragua there is obviously no Labor Day, but we still got a chance to be a little cultured over the weekend.  The Ruben Dario Theater was putting on the musical “Mary Poppins”.  Krista heard about it and managed to grab the last four tickets on the last row and surprise the kiddos with a Labor Day Weekend treat.  Daddy stayed home with baby JuJu, so Mason got the pleasure of escorting three beauties to the show 🙂

IMG_7348It was really cool to give our children this type of experience.  I know we live in another culture, so them being “cultured” is just going to happen.  But to go to a nice show at the downtown theater is something special.  And they had a great time, and even Bella made it to the end of the show past 10 o’clock!

Not sure if you can imagine “Supercalifragilisticisplialodocious” in Spanish…but the kids all really loved it!


IMG_1393 IMG_7363 IMG_1397



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