Walakitang….a construction update on the Rio Coco

IMG_7271Last week we got a call from Pastor Victor.  He had been in Puerta Cabezas at the Eastern end of the river for a seminar with Verbo Church.  There was pastoral training as well as a marriage seminar for the different churches along the Rio Coco that are under Verbo.  He said it was a great time.  He was going come home the long way through Managua so we could meet together.

Here in Managua we had Katie Pullen in town with a small group of her fellow students from Universtiy of West Florida (pictured above).  Katie made the trip to Walakitang last fall, and had brought back a special gift.  The kids ministry from Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee had heard her share about Walakitang and her “masterpieces for miskitos” project.  Over the last year these children collect money to send up building supplies to build the church building Walakitang.  They collected enough for a full shipment of concrete up the river!

So we took this great opportunity to meet with Victor and share that great news.  When we got together with Victor and shared about the children in Florida, he and his travel companions were floored that a bunch of kids in Florida would do this.  Victor had exciting news too about a cooperative between the church and the Community leader of Walakitang, “el presidente” as they jokingly called him. Because of this cooperative, with the donation the children in Florida raised, we are actually going to be able to send two full shipments of building supplies up.  A total of 60 bags of cement, 30 sheets of tin and 500 pouns of steel…DOUBLE WHAT WE THOUGHT!!!!  Praise Jesus!

God is good!  The first shipment has already arrived, and some time in the next month we will travel from Managua to Wiwili by truck and send the second load down the river by boat!

Please keep praying for Pastor Victor and the churches up in this very very remote region of Nicaragua.  They need all the help we can give….but they need our prayers more.  It is a spiritual battlefield up there! 



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  1. Wow, what a blessing for the church in Walakitang, so costly to get stuff sent up there so to get 2 shipments at once, I imagine they were floored but very blessed.

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