Casa Robles & Havilah…Thank you Dorrisville Baptist!

1424279_613735738668185_2034795607_n     Earlier this month we had a team down from Dorrisville Baptist Church in Southern Illinois.  As part of their trip they included the boys and girls from Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  It was a great little week of activity.  Lots of painting and cleaning of the two homes and then we had game time, cookie making time (lots of icing!), Bible classes, and lots of fun gifts!  I know this is probably a given, but all of the kids had a wonderful time!  Thank you to all of you at Dorrisville who came down and those of you who did lots of work State side to put all of the fun together!  We were all very blessed by your visit!  It is such a blessing to have your church as part of the great things God is doing here in Nicaragua!  Investing in the lives of children who otherwise would be left to wander is something that will have a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God!

SDC13447 IMG_2161 IMG_8161 IMG_2296

One of the huge blessings that the team did, was to buy some new appliances for Casa Robles.  This was something big that we have been trying to do all year and they finished off the effort with a new refrigerator and oven!  Amen, Praise the Lord!  Thank you all!

IMG_2142 IMG_8210 IMG_8214 IMG_8213

There were loads of fun in the gift bags…probably the most fun for the boys came in this photo, as Krista’s brother Moses’ put it…”Nicaraguas next generation of the Avengers!” 🙂



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