The Graduate…

Mason has officially graduated from Kindergarden!!!  He likes to run around in the morning saying, “Guess what?”…”I don’t have school today” 🙂

IMG_7836 IMG_7850 IMG_7857 IMG_7861

Our lil’ guy did very well in school according to his teacher Auxiliadora.  He really loved it, and made lots of friends there.  He speaks Spanish really well now too!  This little KinderCare has been a great blessing to our children!

IMG_7875 IMG_2069 IMG_7880

Mason and his classmates also put on an end of the year show for all of the parents.  He was doing the marenge raka shacka Christmas dance! 🙂 OK, I made up that name, but he did really good.  It was fun to be there with all the parents…we got to experience the picture taking stampede!  

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