Casa Robles: Marcos’ 15th Birthday

IMG_7953We had a great time celebrating Marcos’ 15th birthday last week.  In Nicaragua the “Quinceañera” is a huge celelbration for teenage girls when they turn 15.  We have had a few over the years at Casa Havilah.  This is the first year we have had one of the boys at Casa Robles turn 15, and we couldn’t just leave the boys out of all the fun!

We invited Marcos’ friends from school, his teachers, friends from church and of course our entire family came.  Mama Angelia prepared a huge meal of churrasco, we had the music blasting, a super sized birthday cake and really just had lots of fun celebrating together.

This was a special time spiritually as well.  Marcos is one of the main reasons that Casa Robles opened over five years ago.  To be celebrating with him on this day was special.  He has excelled in recent years with his schooling and really taking on responsibilities in the home.  We are all very proud of him, considering the bumps in the path we have had along the way.  La Chureca leaves deep scares and they are still healing in Marcos’ life.

Krista’s father Michael shared during the celebration.  He encouraged Marcos from the life of Joseph.  How Joseph’s life in the early years were difficult and filled with trials.  In spite of his circumstances Joseph decided to be obedient to the Lord and live his life to serve the Lord.  The end result was Joseph, a non Egyptian, being one of the most powerful men in Pharoah’s court.  A man of God given great power in a pagan society.  Our prayer for Marcos is that obedience to the Lord will be the banner of his life, and we hope for great things as he grows into a man.


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