Preschool Graduation at Club Esperanza…

IMG_7981   Last week we had our first group of preschooler graduate from the preschool at Club Esperanza.  This is the funnest thing about the education system in Nicaragua, preschool graduation is a BIG DEAL!  All the parents were present and had big smiles on their faces…but of course the cutest thing was seeing all the little 6 year olds decked out in the cap & gown!

This completed our first year at the new location.  What a great year it was and there are still plans for two different Christmas parties with gifts for every child and a big Christmas meal for the families!  So wonderful.

God has been good to all of these children!  We are very grateful to all of you who pray for them and support Club Esperanza.  What a great thing to be a part of!  Amen.

IMG_7992  IMG_7980  IMG_7990

IMG_7986 IMG_7983

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