Adventures in Agriculture….

 IMG_1466    In recent months developing some agricultural production has been something the Lord has begun to facilitate.  Nicaragua has land with rich volcanic soil that is really good for growing all different types of fruits and vegetables.  Our ministry centers all include feeding children and it has always been on our mind to try and find a way to produce food for our centers.  We have the land at Ruby Ranch and also near Club Esperanza to make something happen.  We’ve got the soil, we’ve got the land and we’ve definitely got the need…So the adventures in agriculture have begun!!!

Christ Journey Church (our home church in Miami) has been a real impetus in getting this off the ground.  We had an Ag team come down this summer and lay the irrigation and prep at Ruby Ranch.  They also brought all the supplies for a nursery to sprout seed before planting them.  Then, just this last month we had a Honda tiller arrive in the mail!

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Dr. David Lane from the original Ag team made a return trip to Nicaragua this month to give us some agricultural training.  Uncle Chris (a.k.a. Farmer John) has spent the previous month getting the nursery up and running and planting a small garden here at the Buzbees to do some trials.  So it was fun to gather around and get some training on things from an expert and be able to have some of the project already up and running.

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Then this past week was the first planting out at Ruby Ranch.  Uncle Brinson, Uncle Timo and Uncle Chris loaded up the tiller, and several trays of plantings into “old Red” and made the adventure trip out to the farm where Dr. Dave had prepared the garden.  The garden at Ruby Ranch is about the size of half a football field so we hope to get some really awesome production from the farm!

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So now the adventure is waiting to see what kind of harvest the Lord produces.  Our hope is to feed hundreds of people everyday during the harvest with fruit and vegetables directly from the land.  Will you please pray for the harvest to be full?  For great blessings on these agricultural adventures!!!  Amen.

God is so good and we praise His name on this adventure.  Everything we hope to do down here in Nicaragua is centered on glorifying the Lord.  We really hope that producing this food and feeding people who are hungry glorifies his name in a beautiful way.  We look forward to sharing news in the future from the harvest.

We also want to send a special thank you to Dr. Tschirhart who made the trip down with Dr. Lane to follow up on some lingering dental problems…Praise Jesus for your great blessing Dr. T!

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