Lots of Family Happenings…

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The sweetest little baby in all of Nicaragua was born early last month.  Adelyn Melissa Murray was born on September 3rd to Melissa & Coburn.  After an exciting adventure getting to the hospital and laboring baby Adelyn was born and mom and dad were doing well…the Lord is so good with the blessing of life and as Coburn said a few days after “I am blessed & highly favored…here is my proof”…Amen.  Aunt Krista was really excited to get to be there for the birth, it was a first for her to be there with one of her sister’s having a baby, which was so exciting!  And of course the little primas were super excited about Adelyn’s birth and they got to come visit in the hospital the next day!

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Gramma and Papa were as excited as ever to have the birth of their SIXTH grandbaby…God is good and his blessings are abundant!


And if you are wondering what little Cobbie was up to while Daddy was getting mommy to the hospital and mommy was bringing lil Adelyn into the world, well don’t you worry!  His cousins had everything under control back at home 🙂

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Mason, our little man turned 7 on September 22nd!!!

Mason has been excited for months because he knew he was going to have a Lego Star Wars birthday!  Krista was wondering how that was going to come together, but it came together so well!  Here is the photographic evidence…mommy loves her babies because she makes crazy things happen for their birthdays!

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What do I love about my son?  I love that he asks me to play football, soccer, basketball or any other kind of sport that we are watching at the time.  I love that he goes full speed until he is soaking from sweat, and that he doesn’t complain even though he is pretty much always gonna be smaller than the other guys.  I love Mason’s sweet heart, whenever I am out of town I know I can ask Mason to give mommy a kiss in the morning and tell her I love her, and he won’t forget to do it.  Our son is a great blessing to our lives…so celebrating his birthday was so much fun!  And he got so many Lego presents that he almost fell over from excitement…lots of cool lego ships rolling around these days.

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We want to send a special shot out and thank you to our friend Melissa who visited us for a week.  Melissa is a long time friend and we were blessed to have her…Melissa was a HUGE help to Krista making Mason’s birthday world…thank you Melissa!  She also brought some fun for the boys at Casa Robles…here is a picture of her delivery of Xbox games that made them all break out dancing, no joke!


A Wedding Celebration:  Chris’s brother John tied the knot

I got to travel home at the end of September for my brother John’s wedding.  It was a real blessing to be a part of and it was so much fun to get to see family that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  We pray God’s richest blessing on John and his new bride Stephanie!

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And if life isn’t always full of some random thing, it would be silly to end a family update from Nicaragua without some crazy thing like our kids catching iguanas with Uncle Moses and trying to get it into a box!!!  

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We want to always say thank you to everyone who prays for us and supports us as missionaries here in Nicaragua.  We like to share updates on our family too so you can know some of the “normal” stuff that goes on in our lives aside from the different ministry projects the Lord has going here.  Your prayers sustain us so please make a note in your prayer journal, put us on your prayer list, or pray for us when we randomly come to mind! 

God is so good and we are very blessed.  If you would like the information on how to support our ministry projects in Nicaragua or our family as missionaries click here.

Have a great weekend!  God Bless from NicaraguaLandia. 

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  1. Love the updates, think of your families often, want to return to Nicaragua, and pray for you all on Thursdays.
    Grace & peace,
    Karen Schanck

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