Merry Christmas Robles & Havilah Update…A Christmas Vacation Prayer Request.

IMG_0401We had such a fun Christmas party about a week ago with the kids from Casa Robles and Casa Havilah.  These two rescue homes are really an extension of our families and so when we get together it is sooooo much fun!  Everyone came up to the Buzbees home and we had a great dinner, fun lights and decorations, a beautiful tree, lots of presents and in case you missed it, the kids from Robles wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone! (click for the video)  All of these children are very special and so we want to send out a special prayer request for them this Christmas season.

This is the vacation time and each of them will be spending time visiting their families over Christmas and the New Year.  It is a very good thing for them, seeing all of their family and their friends and spending time with them.  But, there is a reason each of them are in our rescue homes, and those risks don’t go away.  So, we ask you to pray for their protection while they are visiting their families.  Will you pray for each of them by name?  …for Marcos, Jaquelin, Keren, Pamela, Maria Elena, Fredder, Naydelin, Heyler, Andrew, Luisa, Denis, Sarai and Xaskia and Angel.  We ask the Lord to keep them safe and give them a great time during their visit!  

 Thank you.

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IMG_0407IMG_0408I had a little fun with Casa Robles….it may not be widely knows, but Robles is a house divided among Spanish Soccer giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.  So while we were home for Thanksgiving I stopped by Sports Authority and picked up a couple of gifts to stoke the fire…The superstars from each team Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo…pictured with their fans 🙂

sophia   Great News to share from Casa Havilah!!!  Many of you who have visited Casa Havilah will know Sophia.  She has been with us for many years and she is awesome.  Well, the great news is that this Christmas she is celebrating in the United States of America!  The Boyles family from Dorisville Baptist Church in Illinois met Sophia on one of their short term missions trips and fell in love with her.  Michia and Hobby went home and couldn’t get her off their minds.  They felt like the Lord wanted them to do something to help her.  After lots of prayer and confirming with their daughters, they decided to try to bring Sophia to the U.S. to study and to be a part of their family while there.  Well, a short paragraph does not do justice to the many steps it took to make this happen, but the Lord was gracious, the Boyles were persistent and earlier this month Sophia traveled home with them to Illinois!  So awesome!  So please include Sophia in your prayers this Christmas season too, she is on a great adventure with God!  And what a great family she is getting to be a part of!   God is so good.

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