Our Christmas Card…digitalized

We would like to send out our Christmas Card from this year in a digitalized version.  I know digitalized is not a word, but this attempt at digitized is pretty pathetic.  Can you tell I took a picture of it on the table? 🙂  But we do want to wish everyone in the digital world seasons greetings and happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!



 God’s Blessings this Christmas season.  We hope that no matter where you are or what you are going through, that Jesus finds a way into your life this Christmas in a powerful way to give you Hope, Peace, Faith and Love!

A story just came to mind about Mason that Krista was sharing yesterday.  Children are very insightful sometimes, and this was very encouraging to hear.  Mason was eating lunch with Bella and explaining to her all about atoms; “we are drinking atoms, we are eating atoms, and we’re made of atoms…Bella do you know what atoms are?”   He was going on and on about the things he has been learning about science.  It was really cute because Bella just sat there with her little Bella face listening to him.

Mason looked up to Krista and asked, “Mommy, is God made of atoms too.”  

Krista thought for a second, “well Mason God created all things, He is the creator of everything so I don’t think He is made of atoms.”

Mason asked again, “Well then what is God made of?”  

Krista responded,  “I don’t know Mason that is a good question.  We will have to think about that.”

Mason thought for a second, “Mommy I know what God’s made of, Love, Joy, Peace, Hope.”

Krista, a bit taken back told our little boy, “You know what Mason, you are exactly right.”

Amen.  Merry Christmas! 

**If it is not too late we would love to receive your Christmas Card if you sent one out this year.  It could be mailed to our address here in Nicaragua.

Los Farringtons

Apartado Postal MJ 43

Managua, Nicaragua   Central America

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