Donate some fun to Casa Robles…

Before our shameless petition for a donation of fun to the boys at Casa Robles, I want to give an update on the construction project at Casa Robles.  We started a few weeks ago to close in the front area of the house for two purposes.  First of all, Angelica and Yuri will feel much safer having the wall up out front to make it a lot less open to the street.  Second, it will give the boys more space to play in their urban setting…we already have a big umbrella ready to put up on the front porch to just hang out outside 🙂  We look forward to it being done soon, the house has been a bit of a hazard zone for a few weeks!


On to the fun…Papa Yuri took the gang to Pricesmart the other day with him, Pricesmart is our Nicaraguan version of Sam’s Club.  It is fun to just go there and walk around in the Air Condition and look at stuff…I know I know it is funny the things we do down here for entertainment sometimes, but that is for another post.  Today Yuri showed me some pictures he took…all the boys were watching as he showed me.  They saw a Foosball table and bicycles that they got all excited about and asked Papa Yuri to take pictures of them to show Chachi!  It would make the boys year if we were able to get one or two of these 🙂  But, we will need some help to make it happen if you are able…

IMG_0755 IMG_0846…Would you like to help donate some fun to the boys at Casa Robles?  The Foosball table is $302 and the bike is $164.  If you can help you can send a check to North Carolina or use our paypal link (click here).  Shoot us an email too if you would like to give a heads up.  

Joking aside, it would be so awesome to bless these boys with a donation of fun!  They are all doing so well…their report cards at school are amazing.  Please keep all of them in your prayers…Marcos, Freder, Heyler, Israel, Andrews, Denis & Angel…and pray for Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri too.  Thank you, God Bless from Nicaragua!

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