Club Esperanza: New Intern Familiar Face….

IMG_1832     Diana was born in La Chureca.  Her family was one of those families that was there for reasons beyond their control but made a huge effort to live a life that honored God in the midst of such a difficult place.  Her mother Josefina was one of our best teachers all the way up until the dump was closed, and she only doesn’t work for us now because she was hired as a director of another school.  Don Aurelio is still one of our gaurds at Club Esperanza.

Diana graduated from Colegio Esperanza and has been in High School for the past few years.  This year she wanted to do an internship in office administration so, we set things up for her to do that at Club Esperanza with Sheyla…she has been awesome!  Every time I see her I tell her she is the Star of Club Esperanza 🙂  Her insternship is coming to an end and she will soon be graduating High School!  Amen.  She is only just turning 17 years old which is pretty amazing considering the place she has come from.

Her story is pretty remarkable and a testimony to one who chooses to follow the Lord and honor Him with her life.  It is also a testimony to a family that fights for what is good.  From the ashes of a dark place comes a beautifully shining star!

We are sharing Diana’s story because we would like to be able to bless Diana with another opportunity.  We would like to be able to offer her a paid internship to finish out the year at Club Esperanza.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons.  First of all she is such a huge help.  Second, it will allow her to continue to learn from Sheyla which will be an invaluable experience for her.

We are trying to raise $100 a month for the rest of year to give a small stipend to Diana and allow her to continue with us at the Club.  

If you would like to help follow this link. (Click here)

Please put “Diana Club Esperanza.” in the memo line on a check or the note section on paypal.

Thank you and most of all I know Diana would love to know that you are praying for her…please ask God to bless this young woman greatly!!!  Amen.

IMG_1762 IMG_1767

Here are some really cool pictures from a new mural on the wall at Club Esperanza.  It was painted a few weeks ago by a high school art class from Norfolk Christian School in Virginia.  It is really beautiful so since I am blogging I wanted to share it.  Things are going great at the club and we are faithfully serving our nearly 300 hundred children every day through a fun and exciting summer…hoping and praying for hundreds more just like Diana!

IMG_1783 IMG_1779

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