Ruby Ranch: Campin’, ridin’, slippin’ N slidin’

Valor Christian School from Colorado was down in Nicaragua last week with a group of high school students working hard out at Ruby Ranch.  The week started off with a few days of “Summer Camp” for the kids from the neighborhoods surrounding the Double R.  It is such an unique blessing for these kids to be able to go to camp and have a week with a bunch of visitors from another country who love Jesus and love having fun!

There are so many fun things to do at Ruby Ranch like horse back riding, tree swings, a crazy zip line, bike rides, team sports etc…but by far the biggest hit is the HUGE water slide as you see above!  This year Valor decided to expand the water slide activities and put together a big game of Slip-N-Slide kickball!  As you can see below, it was also a big hit!


Valor is a wonderful school with a huge heart for Nicaragua.  If you have ever been to Ruby Ranch you have met Henry “El Chele”.  He is Brinson’s right hand man out there and a pretty remarkable guy.  Well the team really wanted to bless Henry as he is building his new house for his family.  So Valor surprised him by furnishing the house for them!  They also put in some elbow grease working on his house as well.  A huge blessing for a great guy from a group with a huge heart!

To keep up with stories like these and all the other activity at Ruby Ranch please check out the official Ruby Ranch Facebook Page.

Plans for the Future…please keep praying for Ruby Ranch.  In the future we would love to be able to do sleep away camps instead of only day camps.  The hope, is be able to build cabins and dorms to make it a fully functioning sleep away camp!  We will have to raise funds to make that happen, but it is going to be awesome!

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