Club Esperanza: Plumcreek, painting, playgrounds and playing around


imageClub Esperanza serves 300 children every day and we really wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of all these kiddos without the help of friends from all over the world!  Plumcreek Church from Colorado came last week and jumped right in feet first at Club Esperanza to make a Kingdom impact on the lives of fifty first and second graders!

They came ready with hands for labor and funds to get to work making Club Esperanza a more beautiful, fun and safe place for everyone.  During the mornings the group worked hard painting the veranda and main buildings to cover up the scuff and rust that the Nicaraguan sun can put on any surface, making everything a little bit prettier.  The fun came when they purchased new playgroup equipment and installed it (there is nothing quite like breaking up old concrete with a pick axe!)  As far as safety goes, we installed safety lighting for night time security at the Club.  It was lots of hard work, lots of sweat and patience needed, but very rewarding to see the finished product.

Along with the work projects we got to spend a lot of time with the first and second grade classes.  Everyday for three days the group shared Bible stories and fun arts a crafts with the children.  The rooms may have been swelteringly hot, but it was a really special time to interact with each of the children.  As we finished the week we loaded all of the kids on the bus with us and headed to the Zoo in Managua, and then as a finale to the week everyone went to Ruby Ranch for the day!  It goes without saying, but the kids totally loved the special attention paid to them, all the fun activities and the new friendships they made.

The group shared a special time at the beach on their last day.  Reflecting on their week in Nicaragua and enjoying the Lord’s beautiful creation.  The culmination of the day was a baptism in the ocean for one of the young women on the team.  It was a great week!


At Ruby Ranch our girls hopped onto the horses with their Aunts and went for a ride.  Ruby Ranch has three horses now fit for riding with all the kiddos, and it is a really special thing to get to do.  Aliyah is asking when she can ride by herself, I think it will be soon 🙂


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