Mercy Homes: Westminster Christian School 2017


We were blessed once again this year to build two homes during early Winter Break from school in the U.S.  Westminster school was back again this year and came to Nicaragua ready to bust their tails to build a home for a family in need!  (They also delivered backpacks to Club Esperanza as we shared about earlier.)

Nancy Carrion and her husband Juan have been married for sixteen years.  They have lived with their two daughters Fernanda and Darlin in Nancy’s parents home for all those years in one bedroom.  Juan has kept good employment over the years, but never able to put away enough funds to have a house of their own.  Nancy has been writing us letters asking for help for the last four years, and honestly we probably have a stack of forty letters from her, from Juan and from their daughter Darling! 🙂  This year we were able to build them their own house and it was awesome!

These pictures capture some of the highlights from the week, but if you want to get an even better idea of how their week went in Nicaragua, check out their blog.

We also go to go and visit with Maria Ney who Westminster built a house for last year.  There were a few students on the trip who worked on Maria’s house last year and were here this year on a return trip.  We had a sweet visit with Maria and were so encouraged to see how much work she and her husband had put into their home!


Being on the ground here in Nicaragua allows us to continue to do great ministry projects like these mercy homes.  If you would like to to donate to Open Hearts in any way big or small, we would be very appreciative!

And we love and appreciate your continued prayers!

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