Walakitang: Urgent Request for Prayer… “Crisi Sikni”

We received a message last night from Pastor Victor in Walakitang.  He said that in Walakitang there has been another manifestation of the “Crisi Siknis”.  As many as forty-five people in the village are being affected.  This “sickness” is better described as a demon possession and unfortunately is pretty common along the Rio Coco.  Communities often pay the “Sukia” thousands of dollars to come and cure the village of the possession.  The Sukia is a witchdoctor who many believe is the one who actually casts the spell in the first place, so that he or she will be paid later to come and cure it with mixtures of pigs blood, water and different charms.  It is serious and it is wreaking havoc on Walakitang as I write.

The possessed, most often young people, run through the village, eyes closed and in a trance.  They often become violent and destroy buildings, some have drowned in the past if they get near the river.  Pastor Victor said they have destroyed the chapel.  The church is not a building it is God’s people.  They need our prayers today.

Seven or Eight years ago we were present in Walakitang delivering Crocs when there was a heavy outbreak and we witnessed this first hand.  It is serious and frightening.  When we were there we prayed for whoever we could get a hold of.  We prayed specifically that the blood of Jesus would cover each individual affected, that they would have no fear and be able to look directly into the eyes of this evil and say “I do not fear you I am covered in the blood of Jesus.”  We saw the evil broken by that prayer.  The blood of Jesus is more powerful than any blood of any pig or any potion a witch doctor can conjure up!

Pastor Victor has taken a stand in the community over the years, praying instead of seeking the Sukia.  Will you please pray today?  Pray that in Jesus name this evil will be broken and peace will return to Walakitang.  Today!  Amen.

Satan is using fear to try and control an entire village.  This is an opportunity for the God of all creation to show his power.  So please pray, pray that it will be gone in an instant.  Today.   Thank you!


This is a picture from a recent meeting with Pastor Victor here in Managua.  Walakitang is one day by bus and two days by boat up the Rio Coco on the border with Honduras.

Jesus give Victor and your church there in Walakitang power today and make this evil be gone today!  In Jesus name, Amen.


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4 Comments on “Walakitang: Urgent Request for Prayer… “Crisi Sikni”

  1. thank you for sharing this so we can stand with you in prayer against the evil one.

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