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You may here us speak about “La Chureca” and the community of people who lived in the Managua trash dump whenever we share about Club Esperanza.  Now that we have the video capability on our blog we want to take the chance to share this short film that was made for us a few years ago.  It was made as La Chureca was closing, new houses were being built, and the Lord called us to continue in ministry with these families that we had served for over a decade.  It really communicates our history well.  (Sheyla, our director whom many of you will recognize from visits here, is featured in the film.)

Enjoy and please keep Club Cristiana La Esperanza in your prayers!


We also want to take this post to share a sensitive story.  If you have continued to read down to this point, we ask that you would please pray for this family.

A tragedy has happened in the family of four of our students at Club Esperanza.  These four beautiful children are pictured below with their grandmother.  Tragedy struck at the end of May when their mother went missing and then two days later their father committed suicide.  This indicated the worst and their mother’a body was found later that same day.  This horrible news struck our staff at Club Esperanza deeply, and actually the entire community.  Such a horrible evil thing to happen.


We are left with so many questions.  And left with a helpless and hopeless feeling that something so evil happens so close to our center.  Multiply those feelings by a thousand and that is what is facing these four children.  So please pray for them.  We are here for them as a greater family and we are imploring God to meet them and give them everything they need, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  It is unthinkable for most of us, to go through this type of tragedy at such a young age.


Mike and Rocio Booth, who moved to Nicaragua this Spring to work with us at Club Esperanza as a pastoring and Bible teaching role, stepped in right away.  Mother’s day was just days after this tragedy and so the Booth’s picked up the family and took them for a day of eating out and going to the movies.  It was a first for the kids, which was so special.  And in the middle of that time the Booths offered comfort, prayer and most importantly love and friendship during such a hard time.  Grieving and adjusting is a day to day process for them, but we do see the Lord using the Club to give these children a refuge.  Seeing the smiling face of the oldest daughter and getting a big hug from her earlier this week was a definite highlight of my day.

Please pray for them.  So much to pray for.  We are going to be sensitive with using their names, but please please pray for them, thank you!

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  1. Great video showing what was, what is and what can be. So much love and hard work put into the school and Club Esperanza for all the children. Heartbreaking to actually see the walls of the school being torn apart having seen the school in action but happy to see what God has provided.

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