Hurricanes all over the place!

As Hurricanes have hit back home in the USA over the past month we have been praying and asking the Lord to help all of those suffering in every way they need…comfort in loss, protection in recovery, provision as everyone rebuilds!  And we keep praying.

Last week Nicaragua got nailed by Hurricane Nate as it formed in the Carribean.  It dumped lots of rain and some heavy winds on us.  Several of you reached out to us and we appreciated your love and prayers.  It was a bit more exciting than we expected, we lost a number of trees.  But, thankfully they all fell away from our homes!  For the most part the heavy stuff stayed away from Managua.  The main thing we needed to do was some heavy clean up.  So Mason and I went out and picked up a chain saw!

We spent this week cleaning up all of the trees that fell around the farm.  Thankfully the sun did eventually come back out.  This weekend our foreman Santos is taking the chainsaw home to his neighborhood to help with the larger trees that went down there.

If any of our friends here in Nicaragua need a crew to come by to clear trees, please let us know.  We are on it!  Shoot us an email

Most importantly we covet your prayers for those who are in parts of Nicaragua that have been harshly affected.  Down South and in some parts of Managua the Hurricane and heavy rains that preceded it did damage to homes and caused flooding.  Our friends down here The Ohrans mobilized with food relief and other aide.  As more needs arise we hope to be able help in any way that we can.  Please be praying for the people in Southern Parts of Nicaragua as they are recovering from Hurricane Nate.

Thank you for your prayers, love and care for all of us here in Nicaragua!

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Below:  Video on the morning after Hurricane Nate passed…it was still pretty gusty.

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