Ruby Ranch: Citrus Harvest!


Ruby Ranch has produced a harvest from the citrus groves!  Krista’s brother Brinson who oversees everything out there are the Double R took these photos during the picking and packing process.  He said that there was a total of 11,000 limes harvested off of the young citrus trees….Wow what a blessing!!!


IMG_9127    I know I can speak for Brinson and say that the funnest part was the distribution of all the limes.  Being committed to give them all away, he packed up the old 1990s LandCruiser and brought them in to town.  He made stops at Casa Havilah and Casa Robles which certainly brightened the day of the house moms…limes are a premium in cooking.  A sack of limes will go a long way at these homes!

There were other stops along the way.  All of the workers got to take some home.  We all took a good pile in to our homes for lemonade, and we also have big plans to squeeze hundreds here at Quinta Havilah to bottle up and use later!  The next stop was Club Esperanza and Brinson got a fun reception there, the boys hopped in and started unloading!  We feed 300 children everyday at the Club, so this harvest probably met its match at the club LOL!  Praise Jesus for the blessings of land that produces.  We are asking Him to pour out more and more of His blessings onto Ruby Ranch!  Amen.

IMG_9124     IMG_9125

We all appreciate your continued prayers and support for Ruby Ranch!

Click here to check out the new Ruby Ranch website launched this summer.


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