Ruby Ranch: Thankfulness…Motorcycle Update!


They call it “la machina” at the motorcycle dealer!  If you have checked in on our blog over the last couple months you will remember that we shared about a Go Fund Me to raise money for a new motorcycle for Henry who is the foreman at Ruby Ranch.  Well Praise Jesus last week Brinson delivered the beast to Henry and he was floored by everyone’s generosity!

There is a bit of a back story in getting to this point.  When the GoFundMe closed down we had not met the goal for the full purchase of the bike.  Brinson spoke with Henry about it and let him know what we would like to do for him.  After thinking about it for a couple days, Henry told Brinson he had sold two of his cows to make up the difference.  That was so awesome to hear him going “all in”.  So, Brinson started the purchase.

In the following days we received a couple of emails from friends asking how much was left on Henry’s motorcycle.  Your all’s generosity is sooooo awesome!  We got to full price of the motorcycle, and you can seeHenry’s emotion in these pictures below.  When Brinson gave him the keys, he also gave him the envelope with his cash that he had brought after selling his livestock!  Henry was shocked, so thankful!!!

Henry is such an instrumental part of Ruby Ranch growing.  This motorcycle is going to facilitate things in dozens of ways.  There is much to do out there with all of the future plans, it is an exciting time.  We are also so thankful to have been able to give Henry this huge blessing…from all of us!

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Thank You!


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