Club Esperanza: Vacation Bible School

24775097_10159657972250537_6251582260444055953_nThe school year ended in Nicaragua the last week of November and all of our kiddos at Club Esperanza are officially on “Summer Vacation”.  Yes I know it is December, but down here the nicest time of year is while it is winter time in the United States.  The rains have stopped, all the grass has not dried up yet for the dry season, and it occasionally drops below 70 degrees in the early morning!

Rocio and Mike Booth organized a Vacation Bible School for this first week of vacation for the kids in our tutoring program at Club Esperanza.  The Booths have been an incredible blessing to the Club this year investing in the Spiritual growth of our kids with Sunday Bible Studies, weekly devotionals, fun outings with our staff, basically functioning as the Chaplains at Club Esperanza, really an instrumental part of the Club!

Rocio has mad skills with children’s ministry and didn’t leave any of the kids disappointed.  Instead of being out in the streets and roaming around in a neighborhood that has so many risks, they all got to come to Club Esperanza on their vacation!  What was really fun for us too, is that our children are on vacation.  So, Krista went down to the Club everyday with our gang to help Rocio put together the fun!

You can imagine with Rocio and Krista in charge it was tons of fun!  I can’t think of a better way for the kids at Club Esperanza to learn that Jesus loves them, that God has specific plans for their future, that God’s presence is always there for them and that we have an eternity that awaits each and every one of us.  It was a great time, and as they finished there was a sweet time of prayer together.


Please keep all of these beautiful children in your prayers during their “Summer Vacation”.  It is festive time of year with Christmas celebrations, we just ask the Lord to keep each and every one of them safe!

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