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This video is my favorite and it captures the fun of the night so well!  We celebrated a “Noche de Gala” (Prom) with over three hundred people at Verbo Church here in Nicaragua last Friday night!  We had one hundred honored guests who were crowned Kings and Queens of the prom…it was an incredible night of fun for many kids who don’t always get to attend something like Prom.  In fact, I can say they have never had a night like last Friday before in their lives….dancing, red carpet, being crowned, an elegant dinner, photo booth…it was awesome!

You may remember last year when Krista and I had the incredible experience to get to attend Tim Tebow Foundation‘s Celebrity Golf Classic.  “Night to Shine” is an international event organized by the Tebow Foundation to have Prom for special needs young adults on the Friday before Valentines Day.  It is held at over 500 sites in 16 different countries!  This year we hosted it in Nicaragua and it’s happening was the fruit of our visit last year.  We had a chance to say hello to Tim Tebow at that event.  He said “How about ‘Night to Shine Nicaragua’?”  We said, “Wow, that would be awesome!  But you know there are lots of logistics to pull something like that off.”  His response, “I like logistics.”  And a year later…with lots of hard work from La Iglesia Cristiana Verbo, Tesoros de Dios, Club Cristiana La Esperanza, friends at the Tebow Foundation who love Nicaragua, and all of us here in Nicaragua with Open Hearts…Night to Shine happened for the first time in Nicaragua!  Amen!

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The red carpet entrance to the event is certainly one of the most exciting parts of the night!  Every single honored guest got to do a walk of fame.  With paparazzi on either side and lots of cheering fans they each walked down the red carpet to enter the Prom.

This is what it felt like!!!



After the entrance our crowning ceremony was also very special.  One of the important moments of the night is for every honored guest to be crowned as either King or Queen of the prom.  There was a special video we played where Tim Tebow declared each guest King or Queen of the Prom.  We also had a special guest to do the crowning.  Miss Teen Nicaragua is friends with some of our friends at church who were organizing.  She loves the Lord and when she heard about “Night to Shine” she volunteered to help.  Each King and Queen was crowned by a pageant queen that they all have seen recently on the local Nicaraguan news reports.  It was so cool for the guests and their family…they each got to take a picture that they will never forget!


After the crowning the party started and we opened up the dance floor.  Now this by far was the funnest time of the night for many of our honored guests.  Like I said, that first video was my favorite.  We had a live band come and all the volunteers, invited guests, honored guests and even Miss Teen Nicaragua danced the night away!  I loved the salsa flavor that the dancing captured and all of the smiles on EVERYONE’s faces!

IMG_3652 012

This is a picture a friend captured of Krista’s little sister Johanna who had a fun dance with one of the most excited guests of the night.  From the moment on the red carpet, the crowning and onto the dance floor this young lady was having an incredible time…excitement just beamed off of her face as she went from moment to moment.  She was also a star on the dance floor going from group to group and person to person just wanting to dance dance dance.  It was a night of new friendships and a night full of the Lord’s Presence.  Faith, Hope and Love in action!

This was such a great night to make happen.  Honestly my eyes still tear up days later thinking about how special a night it was for so many people.  We’ll share more stories on our blog so please check back….until then we definitely have to close out this post with this little sweet heart as she stole the stage 🙂



Happy Valentines Day!!!

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