Mission 4 Nicaragua…an invasion!

62071972_1041930622671718_3460576990019452928_n Our amazing friend Hilary Snook was on the war path for Jesus this summer with her organization Mission 4 Nicaragua!  For the last month teams, guests, and friends have visited Nicaragua with her to get their hands dirty doing God’s things down here and it has been awesome!  In this picture she is with our new English teacher at Club Esperanza and Club Los Brasiles.  Hilary spear headed the effort to get a consistent weekly teacher at our education centers, because being able to speak a second language is a HUGE advantage.  Veronica started last month teaching all of our elementary level classes and because of generous donations we were able to provide text books and work books as well, Praise God!

The teams that came through were an awesome blessing in the different areas they worked.  Laying sod and painting out in Los Brasiles was a big part of the work.  But more importantly walking around in the barrio and visiting with friends they have made over the years was just as impactful!  There was a whole lot of life and love walking around Los Brasiles this past month!

A really cool project that has been led by Hilary’s daughter AnnaBelle is raising donations to buy beds for families in Los Brasiles.  She was impacted after visiting homes and realizing how common it is to be sleeping multiple kids to a bed, or sleeping on really old mattresses or in the worse situations the children having no bed at all and having to sleep on the floor.  Not any more!  Every trip another load of beds is delivered and assembled, I know Anna Belle (pictured below at Ruby Ranch) has a goal to get a new bed in every home.  It is happening one at a time, amen!

As missionaries, an equal joy to seeing all of the impact on the communities we work in, is also getting to see God move in the lives of those who visit.  We had some incredible times of prayer at Ms. Ruby’s old house down by La Chureca.  It is amazing how God moves in our hearts when we take a few hours, turn on worship music and spend time in his presence in a little old house that a powerful woman of God used to live in!  We even had a baptism in the pool back at the Buzbees!

We appreciate your continued prayers for our families and ministry down here in Nicaragua.  Its been a lively summer so far and it isn’t over yet! 🙂

Chris & Krista Farrington

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