Club Esperanza: Help Don Julio buy a wheelchair…

b4b29d82-9e19-44be-99b1-6142f844be76    Don Julio is the uncle of one of our students and a part of a family we have served at Club Esperanza for the last five years.  He has a debilitating illness that has left him wheelchair bound.  There is a dignity to being mobile and Don Julio has been suffering for months.  He had to borrow a children’s wheelchair to come to a clinic at the Club last weekend.  We would like to help buy him a wheelchair!!!  Would you be willing to help?  A new adult wheelchair will cost $250.

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Thank you so much for continuing to support Club Esperanza!!!  Helping friends like Don Julio is something that we do under our program at the Club called “Juntos Para Inclusion” where we assist families that have members with disabilities and special needs.  Teacher Henriette who herself is the mother of a son with special needs founded this program a few years ago.  It has been a huge help to the families and we have even done some fun things like “Night to Shine” Prom a couple of years ago.33b0b8e9-ad10-40a0-82a2-935b7b7124c7

There have been some pretty awesome things that we have been able to accomplish with your help over the years.  Jason who you see pictured with Teacher Henriette last year recently received a brand new sophisticated wheelchair that cost nearly $1,000.  Just last year he was in a makeshift chair made from a pool chair (as you see in the picture), but now he has a high quality chair that makes life easier for both Jason and his mom!   God has placed us here to serve, there are needs that present themselves daily, and together we are the Lord’s hands and feet to serve his children’s needs!  Amen.

We have a number of monthly needs in the program as well.  We serve a group of about 15 families and there are needs like diapers, formula, ensure, monthly meds, etc… If you would like to make a donation for any of the below items it would be awesome!

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Thank you!  Please keep praying for God to move here in Nicaragua!!!


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