Club Esperanza…we have our land title!

After many months of praying and getting papers in order, we have the official land title for our land at Club Espernaza! In fact, we were selected to be recognized by the local government offices to receive the title in person at a ceremony last week. What a blessing! It is so great to find favor and be recognized for the hard work and impact that we are having at Club Esperanza. Jesus is glorified in these good works that our team are doing every day of the year…amen! “Let your light shine before men, so that they might see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven.” -Jesus (The Gospel of Matthew 5:16)

Why is this important? Having this land title will allow us to move forward in building our educational building, arts center and sports fields with all proper permits and approval of the local municipality. We have been operating in make shift classrooms for the last two years…but we are out of space, so this will be amazing! Now for the next big steps, because this is a $250,000 endeavor. But Jesus is huge and all things are possible with God. Please be in prayer as we move forward into the next big things at Club Esperanza…and if you want to give to help with the building of the school we would be greatly blessed by that! (link to donation info here).

Members of our Junta Directiva for MCCA/OH receiving the land title…

We are so excited about the future! But that certainly has not kept us from continuing in ministry. Most recently we celebrated “Dia de Madre” and “Dia de Papa” at the club. As you look through all of these fun pictures please keep praying for these families we are serving. We know that the Lord wants families to grow in healthy ways and be able to be united and strong. The daily efforts by the men and women of God who serve at Club Esperanza are having a huge impact. Praise the Lord!

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