Great time with Family and Friends…

We just traveled home for a time of vacation visiting family and friends. We were so blessed by so many friends we got to see in person, friends we didn’t see who still sent us fun things for our travels like gift cards and meals, and most importantly time with family…we had so much time with family and it was such a blessing. Our favorite place to be is at Mema’s house! We did so much fun stuff with Mema….including going to the Magic Kingdom (Mema is in her 70s and rode all the crazy rides, check out the pictures!!!). The absolute best part that we all love is being at Mema’s house and just enjoying spending time with her, hanging with her doggies Jagger, Georgia and Merlin, riding bikes out front, and all the amazing home cooked meals Mema makes for us (and Mr. Bill on the grill)! The hardest part of living overseas is missing family…so these long visits make up for lost time and give us invaluable time together! I love you momma and miss you already! (ps. Mason passed Krista in height while we were at Mema’s!)

We also had sooooo much fun with all of the cousins this visit. We stayed in Florida and spent a week at the Rahals, a week on an RV trip with the McDonalds, and then we all mixed it up in the in betweens. We also got to see Grandpa and Gramma Losi, Aunt Lizzie, missed Uncle John because of Covid (argh!), got to be with Pop Pop on father’s day weekend! Of course time always gets away and we missed some of our extended family in Florida which really makes me sad…one day we will have to have a big cousin reunion!

I really just love that our kids are getting extended times with their cousins and their tias and tios. I remember those great times my parents gave us as a kids and we really are so blessed to be able to do this for our children. Thank you to all of you who support us personally in our life as missionaries! You really bless us and make times like this happen for us. Prioritizing family times amid all of the ministry that is always ongoing is so important…we are very thankful.

Friends friends friends!!! Ahhhhhhh we love to get time to catch up with life long friends as well as friends we have made in recent years. Miami and south Florida is where Chris was born and raised so there are roots that go deep in the area and in our at church Christ Journey Church, we also got to attend a wedding on Florida’s West Coast and see long time Nicaragua friends, and as we traveled we crashed into a few other Nicaragua friends! Thank you to all who blessed us with meals, a place to stay, a quick visit, a phone call, a last minute get together….ah and sooo many that we missed. We love the community of friends God has blessed us with. Another HUGE blessing from being home in the States!

The craziest time was that we got to see the Ohrans (our dear friends…and our girls best friends who are part of our missions team here in Nicaragua!). They were coming back from a family visit in Oregon and we were just starting ours, the timing was perfect and we surprised our girls by meeting up at the Magic Kingdom!!! Super thankful to our Nicaragua friends in Orlando who helped make this happen for us!

Doughnuts and Chick Fil A…some of the things we definitely miss living in Nicaragua. LOL! We had such a blessed time home in Florida. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we hit the ground running back in Nica. God is good and we feel his strong calling on our lives here! If you would like to support our family financially we would be very blessed by that…you can do so here on this link or use the donation buttons below.

Love, Los Farringtons

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