Casa Robles & Havilah: Luz, Kener & Luisa

Please pray for these three.  Their mother Faviola is considering taking them out of Havilah & Robles.  This has been ongoing and after every vacation this seems to happen.  She is unemployed and very unstable.  Her mother and sisters are trying to convince her to have the children come back this weekend.

This is the hard part.

We love them dearly and they have been with us for nearly three years.  It will be heartbreaking not to have them come back.  I really can’t imagine Casa Robles without Luisa.  So please pray.

Pray for the Luz, Kener & Luisa.  Lord I ask you to take care of them, reach in and guide this time Lord, we trust you to do what is good.   Amen.

A Leper’s Hymn

Father Damien was a preist in the late 1800s who served the exiled leper community in Hawaii.  He went and lived with them.  He served them as the Lord called him.  This is a Hymn called “Leper’s Song” sung during mass by the colony’s inhabitants.  It was composed by a native poet.

When, oh when shall it be given to me

To behold my God?


Oh when shall the captivity of my wretched soul

Cease in this strang land where night and day


Weeping alone is my portion;

When oh when shall I leave this valley of sorrow,

Where the only bread I eat is my continual tears?

When, oh when shall I see my well-beloved Lord?

Prince of the heavens is he,

Guardian of my soul, my Hope, my savior,

My All.

Saint Damien’s final days as recorded by his confessor:  “Saturday, the thirtieth, he prepared for death.  It was truly edifying to see him.  He seemed so happy.  After I had heard his general confession, I made my confession to him.  Then we renewed the vows that bind us to the congregation.  The following day, he received the holy viaticum.  During the day he was bright and cheerful, as usual. ‘Look at my hands,’ he said.  ‘All the wounds are closing, and the crust is turning black.  That is the sign of imminent death.  I am not mistaken, for I have seen many lepers die.’

He died of leprosy.

The hymn reminds me of the great hope that is Jesus Christ.  Those who are dying, but dying slowly and painfully sing out that He is their Hope, He is their Savior, He is their All!  Jesus is a penetrating force.

The last words of this man are challenging.  God has called us all, into different circumstances and different places.  That we would be filled with joy and peace as we lay dying is worth striving for.  As this man lay dying, looking at his hands he knew his time was near because he had buried so many with the same disease.  He knew he risked everything coming to serve them.  He knew it was his calling.  He knew God was with him and had used him.

Peace and Joy at the end.

Horses at Ruby Ranch….

Ruby Ranch “The Double R” is a new project for Open Hearts.  It is a large peice of land that we hope to develop into a place where we raise crops, game and produce to provide for the needs of different ministries.  We also want to make Ruby Ranch a place where children can visit and explore the great outdoors.  We are planning to develop nature trails, outdoor activities, repelling, rock climbing, a swim hole and other ideas.

Today I went out to the farm with Krista’s brother Brinson and we purchased two horses.  Hopefully more to come, but these two are a great start.  They don’t have names yet….but the brown one is quite a stallion!

It will be sooooo much fun to take kids down trails on these guys!!!  Praise Jesus!

Ringin’ In 2011

We got to go dance the night away for the New Year.  The mall here in Managua has a live band and all the restaurants put out tables….lots of fun….it is a sweet sight to see older Nicaraguan couples salsa dancing together.  We gave it a shot too 🙂

We had a great time!!!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Where ever you are around the world, we hope that the Lord Jesus Christ blesses you abundantly as you celebrate his birth and start a new year!  Hope you get to have some joy filled celebrations!!!

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