A new house….a house…

Got to make a really cool phone call today.  On February 5th Aracely, her husband Victor and their twin daughters Genesis & Mileyding will be getting a new house.  Actually where they live now would probably not be considered a house to many.  Life is very hard in Nicaragua and though not a common home in the U.S., their house is not uncommon here. Either way, this family is going to blessed in a huge way!












Palmer Trinity School from Miami has been building houses with us in this neighborhood for nearly the last decade.  They are coming in February and Aracely, who had written a letter to Open Hearts asking for help last March, is going to be blessed with a new house!  We tried to visit her last Wednesday and she wasn’t home.  We were able to meet up with her on Saturday.

Something really cool happened when we first got there.  They were getting ready to go to church for a fasting prayer service.  She told us how her pastor had just stopped by the day before to get her information to give to a ministry offering to build houses.  The previous week I asked a friend Ezekiel to ask his brother, who is a pastor in the neighborhood, if there was anyone with great need.  And if so could he get their information for me because we will be building a house again soon.

So, it turns out God had something special planned for Aracely & Victor.  Both sorting through the letters we received from the previous year and the reference of a local pastor led to them.  This is not a coincidence and we are excited to be a part of what God has orchestrated.

She was floored when she got the news today.  Praise Jesus!


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